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the uk cloud forum 15th april

Paul Tacey-Green, Director of iCloudHosting would like to invite you as an IT expert to join the Cloud Innovation Forum. During the event you will have the chance to: • Share your knowledge, thoughts and options with other IT experts. • Debate changing IT infrastructure models. • Discuss relative costs and performance of in-house and […]

new growing shed

This just in from Louize at the New GROWing Shed over at Green Park, Reading. Because you are busy people I am only asking you to get involved in one of the four things below. Although feel free to do more  You can personally make a difference to this region’s and ultimately YOUR success. How? […]

kdg keen dicey grover chartered accountants

We are now already approaching the end of the first quarter of 2015 and the word on the lips of most businesses is how fast time seems to fly by. Launching into the year with the enthusiasm of turning all attention to sales and customer delivery doesn’t leave much time to plan ahead. Good business […]

twenties breakfast

Maidenhead Twenties Club is back on – 3 times a year – and the next one is a month away April 17th; so hopefully you are coming and is it possible to give it a blog for us? We have a great speaker just written a new book “The Impact Code”. It’s really interesting because […]

ali and jon smiling

May I just say, before you watch the video that you are a really generous person, everyone says so and you’re looking great in that outfit! Thought I’d have a bit of a giggle… crowdfund my own 50th birthday prezzie! If you do choose to join in the fun do it nowish as campaign closes […]

jon triumph american

And if I’m a good boy and there is a god, then the above, leather clad with matching lid will be cruising time… find a way… kick down that door… Reminds, must learn to play that sax I bought 5 years ago this summer! That’ll be what the panniers are for ;) And there’s a […]