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The Berkshire Blog

Launching a new business requires you to tell as many people as possible what you have to offer… the Berkshire Blog gives you access to 10,000+ business people that could well want to talk to you!

…As the new tax year started, I commissioned Jon to make more people aware of my existence and he’s been doing a sterling job. He keeps on my case for more information so he can do more for me but it would be fair to say that I have almost trebled my investment in Jon through fees earned… and considering I’m only doing 20% of what he’s asking of me, that’s a great place to be…
Gareth Davies FCA

Any business owner will tell you their best source of leads is other people telling someone else how they solved a problem for them or another contact… so how do you get people sharing your greatest with others?

They need to get to know you… once they know, like & trust you they will think of you when someone shares a problem… and your phone will ring!

The Berkshire Blog mixes up traditional face to face networking with new fangled social media channels and online marketing techniques to help you maximise your exposure… and optimise awareness of your ability to solve certain problems.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use social media, write a blog, shoot a video, host a networking event… we’ll share with you our experience and encourage you to have a go… nudging you in the right direction…

As your confidence grows you’ll find yourself writing a blog every week, not worrying if the grammar is a little off, simply enjoying the process and knowing that a few more people will get to know what you do as a result…

The Berkshire Blog is our centralised news source which immediately shares any published stories with over 500 followers, tweets out to nearly 5,000, posts to my LinkedIn profile with over 3,000 followers and is subsequently sent out to over 5,000 email newsletter subscribers.

I also host the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group with over 2,500 members and encourage you to join in discussions & start your own.

The key to any marketing working is regular content distribution… most folk will not see each individual message for a bunch of reasons… but send them 20 messages over time & they are bound to see 4 or 5 of them… once they have read one that resonates with them, they are likely to search for more information about you… your blog posts on here will appear on Google as well as your own website, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube profiles being revealed for their reading / viewing pleasure.

We also encourage you to host your own slow business networking event… a format we have developed which is enjoyed by your more discerning networker… the focus is on spending 5-10 minutes talking with someone you don’t know… and by making you the centre of the event, the host, everyone will want to know more about you… creating more opportunities for you to get your message out ;)

It also results in the events being themed around your core interest therefore attracting like minded individuals… some will be “competitors” who will have specialist knowledge about one aspect of the theme, they may become partners… others will be coming to see who you before approaching you with a project… and you can always invite prospects to come & meet others at your event, adding credibility to your claims of relevant wisdom!

Our goal is to help you find more business more easily… getting you off to a fantastic start and tuning you in to modern selling techniques.


• First things first, we save you thousands of pounds by recommending your first website is simply a blog that you host on WordPress & pay them £20 a year for a suitable domain name… in six months time, once you have a completely clear idea of what you offer, then you can go spend money with a design agency and allow them to polish up your core… so many spend this money first and regret it.

• We will build your confidence in writing blogs… key to long term success…

• Teach you how to host a networking event and make the most of it

• Show you how we drive event attendance

• Expose you to video blogging… not for everyone but a useful skill

• Making the most of Twitter… you don’t have to tweet incessant nonsense… you don’t even have to tweet, you can just listen & share the tweets of others!

• How to use LinkedIn… both for engaging & researching

• Creating an opt-in email newsletter

• Telemarketing… helping you to “Smile & Dial”

• When visiting a potential client… what about knocking on the business next door?

• How to use your network, as it grows, to help others

• We’ll build your confidence in this world of modern selling

Within a few months you will be writing blogs, sharing tweets, posting videos, sharing ideas, finding new business opportunities, researching key decision makers on LinkedIn and growing your business ;)


We like to keep everything as simple as possible… there is no need for it to be complicated… most of the learning above will come from your exploration, you simply need the confidence to take a few steps forward… my experience plus that of other members will give you what you need to succeed… if you choose to listen!

We charge you £1000 to join The Berkshire Blog and then that’s it… no annual membership fees, once you are in, you’re in, we help you grow and give you every assistance along the way.

This means, you can supply us with a blog every week and we will distribute it through our channels, starting with The Berkshire Blog… for as long as you are championing us…

If The Berkshire Blog & your Slow Business Networking event are working for you then all we ask is that you recommend our services to those who might have a need… bringing us a couple of new people every year shows that you still love us and we’ll reciprocate in two ways… we’ll keep pushing out your business / event news & we’ll pay you 40% of the current fee!

So if you, as a member, refer us today we will pay you £400 by way of a thank you. This means introducing 2.5 members pays your Membership fee… introduce more & you’re in profit AND we push out your news as it happens, exposing you to thousands of potential businesses… works for me… does it work for you?


This ideally starts from day 1 with us organising a 2 hour Slow Business Networking event which you are the centre of, hosted monthly, 15-30 people will turn up. You may do a seminar before & a lunch after, you may just do the slow networking, it’s your event, we’ll help you decide what works best to attract people in who have more chance of becoming your perfect clients.

Every week you send us a blog post which we can share with our world, through all our channels, and 10,000+ people read what you have to say and your proposition is so perfect that you get hundreds of phone calls every week!


I will have to push you to get started, help you write content, we’ll get content out monthly for a bunch of reasons and it’ll take you 3 months to organise your first Slow Business Networking event…

BUT after 6 months you’ll know what message you want to put out, you’ll feel comfortable hosting events and you will be well pleased you got started with us & invested a relatively small amount of money.


£1000 gets the party started.

In addition, I can utilise my business building skills to find you more clients or coach your corporate team in the art of business networking… if you’re interested in finding out more then just ask when we talk.

Most folk struggle with coming up with things to say / write on a public platform while a few wax lyrical 24/7!

I will break the ice on this for you, making it very easy for you to do your bit…

Essentially, the more I know about you the more me & my team can help connect you when we meet those that could use your services…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

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