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Are you looking for part-time jobs / consultancy roles & projects in Berkshire?

An increasing number of people are breaking away from a formal role to explore and plough their own furrow. Frequently this requires the financial support of a part-time role that pays more than £10 per hour but finding these roles can prove challenging.

Berkshire is awash with consultants who constantly have to balance feast & famine and so it is only logical that we utilise our network to bring these opportunities into focus and so help our members thrive.

Business in Berkshire has been around since 2002 and has built an enviable reputation for providing an excellent communications platform for sharing news.

In the past this was around business news and events. In 2016 we’re changing gear and offering companies the ability to share any part time jobs / consultancy roles & projects they would like help with. Our readers can then share these opportunities with those they know who would be interested.

To build up a head of steam we’ll be offering this service FOC for January and if it proves popular we will then charge a small, reasonable and fair fee for sharing the same.

Please recommend those looking for part time opportunities sign up for Business in Bershire’s “Berkshire Blog” which will act as the central point from which we will share part-time opportunities with our wider Berkshire network.

You can sign up at the top right of this page —–>

What are you looking for? Complete the form below if you represent a company with a role that needs filling. Your contact details will not be shared online unless you say so. For instance, you may wish candidates simply to add a link to their LinkedIn profile as a comment on the blog post so you can follow up with them in your own way. Thank you.


I have been reliably informed that the following services are needed by companies and candidates. If you can offer these services to our readers then make yourself known.

• Writing CVs
• Preparing for interviews
• Selecting the right roles

• Job profiling
• Personality profiling
• Ad preparation
• Sifting candidates
• Interview techniques

Thank you.


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