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The Berkshire Blog

Welcome to the Berkshire Blog, one of the media channels we will use to help you build your very own business network which is essential for any successful business in Berkshire or beyond!

When you start out in business you need other business people to know you are a real business that offers a professional service… you need to build a business network… we help you lay the foundation & start building your very own network…

Slow & steady wins the day with your very own Slow Business Network…

For those of you just about to leave the corporate world to set up your own business this might, on the surface, appear very straight forward. Simply tell all your corporate pals what you’re doing and they’ll all rock up… reality check… as soon as you lose the corporate title you are just YOU… before you were representing a brand, you are no longer that brand, simply you… don’t be too surprised if only half a dozen of your closest pals return your calls, that’s life.

YOU now need to build your own brand… well, your network… brands are recognised by ordinary people… brands are things people talk about… we’ll help you build a network which people will start to talk about… given a few years and a fair wind, you’ll turn it into a brand, should you choose to.

So to business, how do you start to build your network? Firstly you need to think through some stuff but not for too long, nothing will ever be perfect, you just have to crack on and polish things as you go… so you change direction 12 times on the way to find your perfect solution, one you can be passionate about and sell with real conviction… it doesn’t matter!

Most folk will struggle to recall what you do, they are too focused on their own world to worry about the exact details of yours…

YOU’LL have to keep reminding them… we help you get started… help you build that infrastructure that allows you to remind those that are interested on a regular basis what you are doing & how they can come and meet you to find out more.

Your ultimate “brand”, the thing that has value and you can sell in the future will be influenced by the needs of your network… so first you need a network, people whose lives will be all the better for knowing you exist on the planet ;)

The Berkshire Blog can help you get going, we can help you build your network… we have a number of media channels & a whole bunch of experience & connections that might be interested in what you can do for them, we just need to spread the word…

The Berkshire Blog is part of a media suite that comprises of:


This ideally starts from day 1 with us organising a 2 hour Slow Business Networking event which you are the centre of, hosted monthly, 15-30 people will turn up. You may do a seminar before & a lunch after, you may just do the slow networking, it’s your event, we’ll help you decide what works to attract people in who have more chance of being your perfect clients.

Every week you send us a blog post which we can share with our world, through all our channels, and 10,000+ people read what you have to say and your proposition is so perfect that you get hundreds of phone calls every week!


I will have to push you to get started, help you write content, we’ll get content out monthly for a bunch of reasons and it’ll take you 3 months to organise your first Slow Business Networking event…

BUT after 6 months you’ll know what message you want to put out, you’ll feel comfortable hosting events and you will be well pleased you got started with us & invested a relatively small amount of money.


There are many things we can do to ensure more people know you exist… through discussion we can work out how we can best help & which of our skills below you are in need of:

• Time spent identifying your perfect client profile
• Working out where they may be found, online & offline
• Engaging with potential clients via social media & in real time, face to face
• Reviewing your current website
• Helping you prepare content for your blog
• Posting your blogs to our blog
• Preparing email templates for distribution to your contact base
• Taking your content and sharing it with our own email database
• Showing you the value of LinkedIn
• Managing your LinkedIn company engagement
• Encouraging you to ask questions on LinkedIn
• Thinking through topics to tweet about
• Coaching you in the use of Twitter
• Helping you organise seminars / workshops
• Driving an audience to your events
• You are the centre of your network
• Negotiating better rates at exhibitions
• Supporting you by manning your stand at exhibitions
• Promoting your seminar / workshop to our email database
• Making phone calls on your behalf to prospect accounts
• Coaching your staff on social media, online marketing & telemarketing
• Being available to discuss your business issues, thoughts & ideas…

We know most folk struggle with coming up with things to say / write on a public platform while a few wax lyrical 24/7!

We will break the ice on this for you, making it very easy for you to do your bit…


£247 ad hoc requirement for our services… we’ll discuss what both parties consider a fair trade based on a 2 for 1 deal… going that extra mile for one of your smiles ;)
£247 a month for a 3 month campaign, promotion of an event, special campaign? Or just for those that like to pay monthly and know where they are at. We’ll agree a routine that works for both of us…
• £1000 up front payment on invoice for a 6 month programme to make you way more famous than you are right now.
• £2470 for the big guns… we spend 5 days a month totally focused on your business.

Essentially, the more we know about you the more we can help connect you when we meet those that could use your services…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

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