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Which way to go


It’s been a few weeks since my last email. Last year was a bit more of a struggle than I would have liked resulting in a cash shortage, pressure from the taxman and closure of LiaiseOnline Limited on Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been re-evaluating what works & why things failed and come up with a revised strategy.

In my heart I am an old fashioned salesman. Someone that builds rapport with people that I meet. Some say, “Once met, never forgotten!”

Read through the options I have come up with and let me know how I can be of service to you & yours. Better hurry, already 2 companies showing strong interest plus a whole bunch offering commission only! I have grown up responsibilities these days so need foundations on which to base things while aiming for those targets that release the bonus ball 😉

Jonathan L Davey


In the perfect world I’d be offered a new business sales role paying £30-40k basic, with double OTE, by the end of the week.

To that end I have revised my Curriculum Vitae. If you know of any companies looking for a professional salesman with added social media spice, please share a link to my new website

Well, if it works for Samuel L Jackson, it could work for me 😉

jonathan l davey olympics dorney lake


Full-time rolls take time to find and I need to generate some cash ASAP. To that end I am looking to represent 3 or 4 organisations on an agreeable retainer. The idea being that I’ll spend the equivalent of 5-6 days a month focussed on your products & services. I’ll be knocking on many doors and where I see opportunities I will recommend your services. I will use my social media skills to “turn over stones” and identify potential for relevant conversations.

It could be that, as part of the role, what you need is to get your sales team tuned into social? I can do that!

I’ll not be limiting my lead generation to just Berkshire, I also have a number of connections in and around London and I will be calling on them & their associates to present the amazing products of the organisations employing my professional sales services to represent them.

One of which could be yours? Have a slice of me…

Just Business Network in Berkshire


Reflecting on what went wrong. I recognise that working with fellow professionals who have specialist skills means that my focus can just be on sales… your focus could just be on?

The foundations on this have not been prepared fully yet, work in progress but I have teamed up with a guy I recognise for his ability to organise the back end of any operation brilliantly, freeing me up to just “knock on doors” and do what I’m good at. Take a look at

arabian night slough inner wheel 22nd march


All searching for the next thing and no play can make Jon a dull boy… we can’t be having that! Come and join me and the Mrs for Arabian Nights on 22nd March. I’m taking the opportunity to celebrate my birthday and there are already 200 booked to join in the fun… just £40 a head. Come and join us…


Please note, modern technology allows you to sign up for updates from my new wordpress blog in the form of emails as content is added… you’ll find this option top right of each blog page.

Please spread the word and share my CV far and wide… this time next week I should all be sorted!

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

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