The perfect sales & marketing solution

goose golden eggThe perfect sales & marketing solution is not quite ready yet… I can hear sales & marketing experts around the world saying, “Just a sec!”

Everyone is looking for the goose to lay those golden eggs. Wouldn’t that be just brilliant, no more worrying about where the next pound is coming from… until of course, everyone has a golden goose and gold becomes common place and valueless.

What each and every business has to do is try different sales & marketing methods and come up what works for you… this week.  Obviously next week you’ll have to try some new moves as the buyers will want a different experience, one that allows them to match their needs with what is on offer more accurately and easily than it did this week.

Word is that buyers are enjoying watching videos about products or services. Most of us watch TV and we have been told “a picture paints 1000 words” so it is only logical that moving pictures paint 1,000,000 words.

Make sure any videos you do show balance, pros and cons and are not just a marketing pitch. If you do then buyers will look to your videos on a topic first… factor in Google says many of us go back to the first source of research to make the final purchase.

To show balance you’d have to reflect open & honestly about branded competitor products… less need to bring in unknown competitors but then how long will they be unknown and your video seen as a balanced source?

There is a high degree of focus on “thought leadership” in corporate marketing departments, believing that if they sponsor someone who is seen as a thought leader, that some of their magic will rub off on their brand. For some, the opposite is true, the independent thought leader demonstrates his/her willingness to take the corporate dollar when the brand may well not be as pure as the driven snow, showing their lack of judgement and self interest at heart.

The answer is, in 2013, YOU can be the perfect sales & marketing solution for your business. All you need to do is practice and get better at the bits you feel less comfortable with.  Here are a lucky thirteen steps to near perfection 😉

• Be passionate about your products & services
• Know their strengths & weaknesses and be open to discussion
• Create a series of thought provoking, balanced videos
• Spread awareness through social channels
• At the same time knock on doors, the old fashioned way
• Make sure buyers know you are in the market place
• Attend exhibitions & networking events
• Make it easy for them to find your information when they go searching
• Comment on the blogs of others creating new access routes to your world
• Don’t waste your buyers time, respect it
• Inform, entertain, engage in different and appropriate ways
• Create a blog and post quality information regularly
• Enjoy the process, smile & don’t assume you should land every opportunity

Remembering, you make your own luck by hard work & effort.

I am a freelance salesman, representing companies who’s information I share via multiple channels, finding quality lead opportunities for their more qualified sales people to follow up on.

Do you have hungry sales people that need feeding? Call 07717 820823

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey

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