Windsor businesses want to know what you’ve got?

Jonathan L Davey First Edition


Could businesses in and around Windsor (connecting Maidenhead, Slough, Staines) benefit from some of what you’ve got? Need some help letting them know you exist?

on this day in historyCurrently I’m evolving my own unique way of generating business for the two of us… you pay me, I’ll open some new doors for you, both of us are happy 😉 This involves physically knocking doors in the morning and virtually knocking the doors and building relationships in the afternoon, combined with a little ecommerce to brighten up someone’s world when they are searching for fun facts on our Channel.

linked training smallMark White is the latest recruit to employ my services… Mark runs Linked Training, we have worked together before and so he knows I will open doors for him to walk through and present his training courses. Mark has great structure around his training which helps those looking to learn about LinkedIn.

reid office suppliesWhen I knock on a door I have only a few seconds to make a good first impression, if positive then most people will share information to help me on my way… there are grumpy folk around but in the main, 80/20 are happy in my experience. They will then take 2 or 3 physical things from me… for the last week or so I have been presenting a flyer (for Reid Office Supplies) and a coaster (for Verbatim)… I can give them one more thing before it all gets a bit intense, so I have created an A4 Flyer that I can adapt and change easily.

verbatim ccI don’t have plans to create a magazine, that’s way too much for most folk to handle! A single sheet does the job, providing some insight into local business, starting with my introduction… a few adverts that encourage an action and then 4 vouchers for local retailers. I’ll be knocking on the doors of a few Windsor restaurants & cafes to see if they’d like to include an offer for our readers to cut out and bring along… that’ll make for an interesting measure of the distribution we get.


What do you think of this first attempt? There’s one large ad space for a local business… will it be you?

Please download and print off, ideally on 1 sheet of A4. Share with your friends and colleagues and let’s get a few phones ringing!


As my local mission evolves I also have plans to run a second mission around Marketing Agencies in London. I do have a number of connections in that world and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity. It would also ensure I stay connected to the next magical marketing solution… my Social Media Directors website does get hit by folk in that world and a number say, “Hey Jon, what about this great solution…”

BridgeBox : Fine tuning your businessI’m currently representing a platform that records incoming calls to MP3 files, allowing a manager to review and assess, ticking boxes, making notes and ultimately identifying training needs & general improvement opportunities. This fits with the agency world, where measuring the impact of a campaign is essential in 2013.

Take a look at BridgeBox and let me know if you’d like to know more…


You can sign up to my blog so that every new story I add gets emailed to your inbox by first class email! This keeps you up to date with the latest developments. Saturday’s article “Business networking, is it the BNI way or the Highway? It’s a dog eat dog world…” has been picked up and commented on by Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI, go see what he had to say…

I’ve also put a few of my domains up for sale, go have a browse, see if any resonate with you…

Let me know how I could be of service.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
01753 852904

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