last concorde landing heathrow

Do you want your phone to ring more often?

last concorde landing heathrowGuest post by Verbatim’s Sarah “Medusa” Berrington, co written by me, motivated out of fear… read on 😉 Picture of the last commercial concorde flight landing at Heathrow, photo taken by me when I still had the Transalp, doubly sad!

We do, because if it did you’ll be calling us shouting

Our team love answering the phone, they were born to do it… in fact Graham spent many years flying around the world, identifying the perfect traits of a boutique call handler before setting up Verbatim 16 years and 4 months ago… currently we have 16 staff and another one will be expected in 5 months… do you feel a pattern forming 😉

We want to help you get your phone ringing more often and so have booked Jonathan L Davey, formerly known as Jon Davey, to appear at the “The Future of Berkshire Business” at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Tuesday 16th April 2013 from 8am to 4:30pm. Fresh in from a whistle stop tour of Windsor, he’ll be available on the Verbatim stand, or somewhere in the building, for a 10 minute chat about ideas to help you get your phone ringing more often.

Ideal for new business owners who will not know he’s talking absolute drivel! You’ll be lucky to walk away with 1 great idea… but at least you’ll walk away laughing and not feeling so sorry for yourself 😉

In all seriousness, Jon has 14 years experience running an online marketing business that was flying high but recently fell to earth with a bump… so he’s got a few scars and bags of insight he is willing to share freely with any potential new client of Verbatim… that’s you!

All you have to do is pass the gatekeeper, ME, and listen to what we’re all about for just 90 seconds

Jon interjects… Now some have heard her sing and not many can listen to her for more than 1 minute (there’s an idea for a competition) but for god sake, don’t look at her eye’s… there are many who have and Graham had to do a deal with one of his clients, Rivar Landscape Centre, to get rid of the piles of sand!

One of our clients was so successful that they were recently purchased by Oracle!

Do you want your phone to ring more often?

Visit the Verbatim stand at The Future of Berkshire Business and collect your token, a Verbatim coaster will act as evidence and Sarah will point you in the direction of Jon for your chat.

If you’d like to guarantee your time slot then book your slot today by calling 0207 458 4014

Thank you.

Sarah Berrington-DB

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