Schools out for… Keeping Business Local

It’s Monday and so that means I wander Windsor’s streets in search of local businesses requiring stationery, printing, office furniture, printer consumables and 15,000 other products that will be jolly useful to the right business at the right time from Reid Office Supplies 😉

eton porny

The nicest thing someone said to me today was, “The head teacher insists that we use the local post office for our anything we might need.” So we should award Mrs Christine McLeod Smith, Head Teacher of Eton Porny C of E First School with a GOLD STAR for Keeping Business Local… now there’s an idea for the FSB, we could issue Gold Stars on a stand with the name engraved and Keeping Business Local underneath… that’s a job for Steve over at Argraves… called him up, he’s busy putting plagues on things for the State visit tomorrow… glad to see Her Majesty Keeping Business Local… that’ll be two gold stars Steve… best price obviously 😉


Please do think if you can buy something local rather than simply cheaper over the internet… it’s amasing how many people, your simple action of spending an extra few pence with a local supplier, will impact.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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