So what do you think of the show so far?

Jonathan L Davey

The aim of today’s email is to be as close to zero on the spam scale as possible. You are given a max of 5 points, usually I ignore it and hit send. Today I wanted to know what I was missing, so am looking for zero and see how many more get to open this newsletter.

I have been very busy of late, finding new clients for my freelance sales service, which obviously combines my aggregate knowledge of online marketing, soc-media, telemarketing, email marketing and good old fashioned door knocking.

Locally, Reid Office Supplies have just agreed a longer term monthly agreement after an initial trail. The process I have for Verbatim is improving and I’m hoping to have this polished and in perfect working order by the end of May. The third client from the initial batch had to be dropped because the process & relationship were struggling to find common ground.

Both Mark White & Nick Boyle have chosen to take up my back burner offering, where I don’t necessarily lead with their service but if I see a need I will put them forward, or suggest they engage, depending on the prospects needs.

Through Malcolm Brown, I am in negotiations with a company that manufacturer building products. That will be interesting once we agree terms of engagement. I do like products you can see, touch and feel… they are real and a buyer either needs them or doesn’t and if they do perhaps a deal can be made.

Earlier in the year I went to an EXPO at Earl’s Court and got talking to a Dutch company who have a great solution for Publishers & Marketing companies dealing with corporate projects. They have just signed off on £1,000 per month for a day of my time to get their UK market started.


I just need a couple more people I know, where there is mutual trust and the potential for me to add value to their world, followed by a six month smooth run with each sales process above finding its optimum ground and Christmas 2013 will be a mighty fine one 😉

Too early to think of Christmas but it’s not too early to book for next month’s Thames Valley Business EXPO at Windsor Racecourse… go book your seat to hear me talk about whatever comes to mind on the day…

Thank you for taking time to read my newsletters.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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