Drove my Chevy to the levy…

Have you looked at the price of car insurance lately? Was it causing you palpitations to see your insurance cost rising from £350 to £400? Try looking at a bill for £2,500 and thinking, that seems fair!

home sweet home

On Saturday I fulfilled a life long dream of owning a Chevy… I may have had some petrol guzzling, 6 litre, 500bhp, V8 Corvette in mind at the time but hey, the Matiz comes with a fuel saving 62 bhp, a 0-60 in a thrill busting 12.5 seconds and a top speed of 94 mph… come on…

Transferring my policy over I got a £50 REFUND… get in…

Chloe turned 18 the other week and a bunch of her mates are buzzing around in their own motors and so she needs to learn & then decide if she wants her own wheels or not… no point in having 3 motors on the drive, so the Mrs thought the best option was to chop in my Vectra since she’s always hated it anyway!

She’s got a DS3 which I’m allowed to drive when I’ve been a good boy 😉

Popped in to see my mate Ben at Windsor Vehicle Leasing, Ali had spotted the hot hatch on his forecourt and sent me down to talk turkey… turned out he got me a monkey instead (for my Vectra!)

I’m anticipating an increase in insurance of £500 when Chloe gets her provisional licence through and if she enjoys the process I’ll get myself a Harley, if she doesn’t I’ve got me a Chevy to take to the levy!

Everyone a winner…


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