What percentage of Windsor business owners are engaging online and with social media?

I spent some time over the weekend looking at the online profiles of some of Windsor’s local businesses and asking the question… What percentage of Windsor business owners are engaging online and with social media?

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I have around 210 on my growing list and profiled around half of them firstly looking to see if they had a website… not so much the quality of the site, just having one is a good starting point. Then I asked, are they obviously present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube? The common platforms most people have heard of because the USA PR machine tells us we are foolish if we don’t have social media profiles, while the recruitment experience of many would indicate that perhaps having a presence BUT being very selective in what you broadcast on each is probably a good strategy if you want any chance of employment in 2020!

Of 112 companies, 99 had a website, 13 didn’t but one of the 13 had a Facebook page instead. So 11.6% of businesses are lagging behind the curve on this, although many of the sites were old and pre CMS so would need a re-build to bring them up to date.

50 companies had a Facebook profile, 47 taken Twitter accounts, 23 a LinkedIn Company Page and 19 YouTube account. I will follow up by looking at numbers of followers and last time they engaged but for now we can say that 50% of companies are engaging online with social media. LinkedIn Company Pages require an extra effort. Many employees and sole traders will have LinkedIn profiles and so may not be too concerned about having a Company Page.

What is interesting is that only 19 have a YouTube account when all the statistical information tells us that video is what people are most likely to share and what most of us look at, if available… you don’t need to get a professional video production company in to have a YouTube Channel… you can start by using your phone or i-Pad… and employ professionals as you see the benefit for yourself.

I also looked at how many social channels businesses had. I need to do a recount for accuracy and will as I have more of the 210 profiled. For now, 30 just have a website, 23 use one social channel, 22 have taken two, 13 with three and 8 have gone with all four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

Interesting reading… make of it what you will and be sure to check back when the next report comes in… easiest way to do that is to sign up for my blog posts down the top right hand side of this page.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

P.S. If you are in the professional services business then I recommend that you ensure you are making the most of LinkedIn by attending one of Mark White’s LinkedIn workshops… and if your website is a little outdate, give Nick Boyle a call.

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