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thames valley business expTalking to one of my clients, Thames Valley EXPO and they were looking for a way to drive registrations for 13th June… so I came up with a social media competition… luckily enough I had the foresight to buy a couple of years ago for this very occasion! Go see what’s what and join in the fun… obviously along side local businesses, only those that care to be measured for their social media skills will join in… those who talk the talk but can’t really walk the walk will keep their heads down. The perfect opportunity for a few to shine brighter…

I Love Windsor crestWith part of my business focus being local, I ran some analysis of how Windsor’s businesses are engaging online & with social media… an interesting report that can be found here… I wonder if that is a similar picture to what is going on in other towns… let me know.

If you are a business near Windsor and get through a few inkjets or laser cartridges each year then do ask Reid Office Supplies for their best price, they are always happy to oblige… thank you.

home sweet homeTalking to my wife about our daughter’s need to learn how to drive we did the only logical thing for the benefit of all the family, we bought a Chevy from a local car dealer.  He had been brave enough to be our first white label Business in Berkshire website back around 2007 with Within 48 hours we had it top of the front page listings of Google when the best your top web chap could do was 3 months!  Looks a little dated now but back in its day…

I was sad to hear this morning via @windsordaily that one of the town houses on Park Street burned down last night… they are amazing, I had already bought one in a dream! There has been a lot of work going on down that street, 3 or 4 being worked on and made magnificent again.

As I walked past the other day I could see a number of skilled craftsmen working on the building, a couple were working on the outside, paying great attention to the detail, something you don’t really appreciate until you see (wo)men at work.

Each one of us has a skill, something we enjoy doing and should focus more of our energy on. When I see businesses offering a multitude of services, I reflect and thing how can they possibly do all those things well… and the reality is they can’t… if they are smart, they employ outside contractors to do each of the component parts and focus on the bit they are good at… that might be project management, and orchestrating the project to fulfilment. Larger agencies will front this with some great branding, offices and some employees but they will outsource to smaller agencies to do skilled work.

My skill is consultative sales… this is not ramming home one product, square pegs into round holes, but listening to who I am talking to and making logical recommendations based on their current pain, which tends to be what folk want to talk about. If you are looking for a solution to a problem, give me a ring and let’s see if I know a man or woman that can help you.

And if you live in or around Windsor, do tune into @windsordaily, we follow local people and businesses and will be RTing as the summer heats up.

Enjoy the cooler day today and think happy thoughts so the sun comes out again tomorrow 😉

Thank you


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

P.S. Just counted up the points for the LinkedIn entries and Kerry is our winner with 36 points for a very topical discussion topic… With the Apprentice 2013 due to air soon, does it portray the right attitude for entrepreneurs in todays market? More from her next week…

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