All you have to do is believe…

Jon with FA CupNice one Wigan… see what happens when people start believing in themselves and those around them!

Last week I was invited on MarlowFM, talking to my fellow guest who had written a new book about wellbeing… do you know what the best thing for us all is? Apparently thousands of scientists around the world we’re recently asked and the number one answer was…

thames valley business expThe best thing we can do for our wellbeing is hang out with our neighbours and communicate with each other in real time… so you’d best get along to The Thames Valley Business EXPO at Windsor Racecourse on 13th June and connect with your other business owners… get it in your diary NOW!

have you got the plumbsCome and watch my presentation about using auto-tweets to connect with strangers… a technique frowned on by those in corporate who want to protect their brands from any negativity whatsoever… very naive… totally relevant to salaried folk who couldn’t possibly survive in the real world.

If you want your child to grow up well balanced and able to deal with any given situation… do you protect them from it with kid gloves or do you send them out into the school of hard knocks and tell them to get their knees dirty? Same for SMEs, you’re not corporate, no bugger knows who you are anyway so what are you protecting yourself from?

What you are doing is limiting your reach when you should be stretching out as far and wide as is logical for whatever it is you are brilliant at… book your seat for my presentation…

windsor town crierLast week I had a word and got the Windsor Town Crier to agree to open the event… Oyez, oyez, oyez I have 😉

adam afriyie listening to david knowles leakThe EXPO will be followed a month later on 12th July with an FSB lunch with Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor at The Castle Hotel. Following the budget, Windsor MP Adam Afriyie made it clear that his vision for Britain is a nation where enterprise, employment and economic growth are valued. He wants to get the UK back in good business shape, and thinks the Government should help businesses to get on and grow.

jonathan l davey olympics dorney lakeLast but by no means least, If you’re looking for a freelance sales agent to represent you in Windsor, Berkshire or a UK stage then take a look at what’s on offer and who I am currently representing… room for a couple more if you’re interested.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

One thought on “All you have to do is believe…

  1. I think I get the gist of what your saying Jon….we’re a Christian company, sometimes at the weekend I look after kids and help mentor them – this would be our take on your notes:

    …. and once you accept all you have to do is believe you can stop wasting so much time. The scientists will stop having to prove The Lord right by saying The best thing we can do for our wellbeing is hang out with our neighbours and communicate with each other and simply accept the 2000 year old words of “love your neighbour” No harm in reminding each other of that though. Good that the scientists might feel a bit better by having scientifically proven that which we should all be trying to practice anyway. Which takes us back to…..all you have to do is believe.

    And yes by all means get your knees dirty – but also know who your friends are, some of them may be salaried, some of them maybe corporate, some of them may be scientists, some of them might wipe your knees clean for you and lift you back up when you’ve fallen over ! For those that do, thank their parents for having brought them up in a manner that makes them kind, and particularly their Mothers most of whom have the most important career of all – shaping their child’s outlook on life. That child of today is the father and mother of tomorrow.

    Above all seek to find your purpose in life, for that is where your passion, skill set and work rate will show themselves, and that’s probably the main reason you’re here. That’s why The Lord made you that way in the first place. That’s what makes our insignificance in the world significant to those around us. And that’s why each should respect each other – window cleaner to executive chairman, Mother of 5 to husband at work, from down and out to Town Mayor, from linesman to goal scorer.

    And above all…..keep smiling.

    Thank you.


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