Funding the Crowd

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You’ve probably heard of Crowd Funding”, how about “Funding the Crowd”? Where you can be part of the crowd!

For years so many people have expected me and others in the online space to share our skills for free, “This is the Internet everything is FRREEEEEEEE!” IT’S TIME to switch it round…

Social Media Directors will be highlighting the skills of those who have a social media tool, service or widget that others might find jolly useful 😉

But I can’t do this alone… I need a little help from my friends… those of you that join in the promotion of said widgets will benefit from, share directly in, the marketing budget put at our disposal… here’s the thinking…

The concept is simple, or to me it is, if company paid me £1000 to generate eyeballs on their world then I take the whole and split it 50/50 with the community. £500 is mine for landing the deal, as it would be yours if you did.

£500 is up for sharing… 50% for articles on the topic and 50% for generating comments on the articles… through sharing the articles far and wide via social media channels people will engage and show their interest by adding comments on any articles published.

We’ll police proceedings, deleting poor / obviously contrived posts and not allow further contributions from that individual… no second chances, life’s too short.

So if 5 others decide to write an article on the topic then of the £250 for articles, each will attract £50… so the first 5 to step up would get paid £50… if only 3 step up then each would get £80 and we’d spend the £10 on biscuits or similar 😉 We wouldn’t dilute the contributors to less than £50 a story, that wouldn’t make sense… we’re looking to motivate contributions and for you to earn some good money!

If each story then attracted 10 comments, that would be 50 comments sharing the £250, equating to £5 each comment.

That would mean each member of the team gets £100 each… as the audience grows, the fees we can charge the sponsors will grow and more will be available for sharing.

In the early days, while we work out the model, I’d be happy for one of the team to bring a sponsor, they take the £500 and put £500 in the pot, I am then simply a contender looking to share in the pot.

If you need to talk through the process for clarity then give me a call.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823
jonathanldavey at gmail dot com

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