FREE Ink and Paper – Offer Ends 31st June

reid office supplies free pens

You’d best be hot off the mark to make the most of this great opportunity for FREE STUFF… A note pad & two free pens, sealing the deal with a “X” kiss… all you need to do is ask Tim or Bob for a quote on something you will be needing shortly, or right now 😉

If you live within reasonable driving distance of Windsor then this offer is open to you… I say reasonable driving distance because if you have a £20,000 order to place then I dare say Tim will travel more than a few miles… but if your order is under £100 then 5 miles @ 45p a mile equates to £4.50 off the order “profit” value.

We need to consider these things when asking local businesses for a discount… deals need to be fair… they need to make all parties smile and walk away feeling like the exercise has been worth while.

So, based on that understanding, have a ponder about what it is you might need shortly… do you need a box of paper? Perhaps a black inkjet cartridge or maybe a colour laser one? Does your chair need upgrading? What about some new business cards, one’s like Jim had the other day, they looked just great!

Go check out the catalogue (ignore the prices)

Then call 01753 858200 or email and ask for
“your best price on…”

If you like the answer, place your order…

The opportunity for the FREE GIFTS closes at 5PM on Friday 31st May, best get on with it in the now… go check your store cupboards.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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