Add local Maps to optimise your page layout


The principle of the Maps4News software is to enable newspaper graphic editors or any editor, to produce detailed maps in seconds, to publish directly in newspapers (print/online), in any scale, size, and style. The output file is an editable Illustrator/EPS file.

The video (only 2 minutes) on shows exactly what the Maps4News software can do. Please also download your Maps4News PDF brochure from our website.

Our Maps4News software users say it is the best tool available for creating any high quality maps needed, with amazing speed, potentially saving your graphics team a lot of time and effort.  Please review our website for more details.

I can organise a live online Maps4News demonstration (via WebEx) for you & your colleagues.

We are currently working with more than 150 active clients, ranging from national newspapers and publishers to directory publishers and direct marketing companies.

Maps4News is a MapCreator BV product. MapCreator BV ( is a company based in the Netherlands, specialising in cartographic production software for map publishers, directory publishers, and newspaper publishers.

The Maps4News software works with the Navteq database and brings you worldwide map data coverage (up to 70% street level and 30% entry level). Check the coverage of the data on:

If you have any questions regarding Maps4News, Navteq data, or to schedule a live online demo, please contact me.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

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