Business Lead Generation at Marketing Week Live #MWLive2013

midsummer fayre 2011 stalls

Knowing what these guys know about lead generation I would have thought they would have made use of the expo profiling but no, just 1 did!

Whistle stop tour on this one… summarised what I saw into a single comment… need to find out more about Convertr, see why they are unique in their space… been impressed by CANDDi and will be trying that out on The Marketing Blog shortly… just need to get a few elements in place.

Overview of “Lead Generation” at Marketing Week Live #MWLive2013

Brad Insight
Agency & brand BIG data

Call credit
Got a guy that does that, Ian Inman can sort out my consumer data if I felt the need.

Now we’re talking… see who is visiting your website and connect with those that keep coming back… will be giving this a go soon, account ready to go, just need to get a few ducks lined up.

Why do I prefer this? Its data… but it’s real time data and it’s showing me someone who is interested because they are coming back to find out more… they’ve not been tricked into coming into the garden, the door is obvious and wide open. It’s more honest…

Not seen this yet, asked them to connect so I can get a better feel for what’s happening

Lead Forensics
These guys have an impressive operation and know how to get clients on board… not sure their’s is the best toolkit but hey, they’re getting on with the job.

McDowall Media Limited
Read a testimonial for a PPI company… next…

Based in Ponteland, got to be in their favour, all that clean air and Newki Brown 😉

Talking to folk face to face and asking what they think… I guess that’ll depend on what’s on offer… WIIFM

Research Runner Limited
Says they are sales consultancy focused on corporate & research… then follows with services not limited to quote support, sales support, auditel cost management saving solutions?

Websites using those standard $5 images you get… I’m gone…

Seawave Media Limited
Consumer data… I was hoping for more with such a cool name

Brand Storytelling (8) TICK
Communities (9) XXX
Education / Training (4) didn’t do it for me
Lead Generation (9) TICK

Media Owner (4)
Motivation (6)
Social Media (14)

Are you following this journey in time and space? #virtualMWLive2013 or @windsordaily

Thank you

07717 820823

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