Who to virtually visit at Marketing Week Live #MWLive2013

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Who to virtually visit at Marketing Week Live #MWLive2013, hotline on #virtualMWLive2013… started off by visiting & following the show’s Twitter handle @mwlive2013

Spotted the show bio was out of date, figured I’d change my @windsordaily before I told them of their oversight 😉

“Hanging out virtually at Marketing Week Live today so tune in to the show #mwlive2013, to my virtual tour #virtualmwlive2013”

and then told the show organisers to change theirs…

Marketing Week Live
Join us here for all the latest news and exciting developments leading up to next year’s Marketing Week Live… #MWLive2013
London • marketingweeklive.co.uk

Today is about finding companies for Mark White at www.linkedtraining.net and Nick Boyle at www.brightspark.co.uk plus finding me 1 new client who is selling something really interesting and not just more me too stuff.

First job, review the 445 exhibitors… realistically can probably review 30 in a day… so let’s go look at how they break it down.

Affiliate Marketing (4)
Analytics (18)
Apps (7)
Association (2)
Awards & Trophies (7)
B2B lists (7)
B2C lists (5)
Behavioural Marketing (4)
Brand Storytelling (8)
Communities (9)
Consultancy (23)
Content Management System (3)
Content Marketing (11)
Corporate Gifts (33)
Customer Experience Design (5)
Customer Relationship Management (10)
Data Solutions (27)
Design & Build (4)
Design & Creative (16)
Digital Publishing (2)
Digital Screens (9)
Direct Marketing (14)
eCommerce (8)
Education / Training (4)
Email Marketing (20)
Event Entertainment (1)
Exhibition Stand design (12)
Experiential Agency (6)
Field Marketing (3)
Fieldwork (10)
Focus Groups (7)
Fulfilment (6)
Full Service Agency (16)
Gift cards (7)
Gift Vouchers (8)
Installation (4)
Kiosks (2)
Large Format Printing (9)
Lead Generation (9)
List broker (1)
Live Marketing (32)
Logistics (1)
Loyalty Schemes (13)
Media Owner (4)
Mobile (16)
Motivation (6)
MultiChannel marketing (13)
Mystery Shopping (1)
Online Panels (16)
Packaging (4)
POP & POS (29)
POPAI Member (5)
PPC & SEO (15)
PR (3)
Print, Mailing and Fulfilment (12)
Promotional Merchandise (44)
Publisher (2)
Qualitative (18)
Quantitative (25)
Research (39)
Research Agency (22)
Retail Design (8)
Retail Marketing (19)
Scent Marketing (1)
Shopper Insights (6)
Signage (7)
SMS marketing (3)
Social Media (14)
Survey, Analysis & Reporting Software (15)
Telemarketing (1)
Translation services (4)
Video Production (10)
Viewing Facilities (2)
Viral Marketing (2)
Visual merchandising (6)
Web Design / Development (12)


Brand Storytelling (8)
Communities (9)
Education / Training (4)
Lead Generation (9)
Media Owner (4)
Motivation (6)
Social Media (14)

Based on what I’m hearing from corporate, what I enjoy, the space I have generated the best results and looking to learn something new to inspire me…

That’s 54 companies, double the 30 I recognise I could handle so best move rapidly, only stopping if something is simply amazing!

Are you following this journey in time and space? #virtualMWLive2013 or @windsordaily

Planning to review each category and then tell my story of the process along the way… best get started with Brand Storytelling…

Thank you

07717 820823

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