Does this “Ice Breaker” work for you?

While tuning into Marketing Week Live last week, one company were talking about the importance of your email subject line… they claimed to have research based on millions of emails being despatched and how people had responded…

smile and dial buddhaAll I know is the more fun or thoughtful you make the subject line, the more likely people are to respond. Ask a question, people like to help you out if they can, so they’ll take a few minutes to open the email to see if they can help you. If the subject line is fun then folk will be intrigued to find out more…

Will Corry over at The Marketing Blog includes a few words, say the brand, from each of his 10+ stories in the subject line and finds this works for him…

The subject line of this blog post conveys two dot’s I am joining together… my new title… what is it that I do that makes me stand out from the crowd? With the question, am I working for you? To which, in the fullness of time & integration of my latest amazing initiative, I hope the answer will be YES and what a great job you are doing of it Mr Jonathan L Davey 😉

So how does this sound… is it clear what I can do?

Jonathan L Davey
Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to?
07717 820823

As I find myself working for different masters who obviously all need a positive result, however they choose to define that, for them to fund my participation in their mission. It is very apparent that some clients are much easier to help than others and while some solutions could be used daily & others are more a one off, random purchase when the need arises. How the heck can I cater for the latter without creating a platform on which that becomes possible?

Business starts with a need… when that need arises and requires addressing is anyone’s guess and he recons that could be anytime 😉


We have to start looking to help our local communities because if we don’t then the corporates will simply hoover up any slack and leave us with less and less to sustain our environments, bleeding the local economies dry. Listening to some of the crazy pricing being offered today, it is so apparent that those that can eat all the pies will and it is down to us, each and everyone of us, to decide that in order for the grass to be greener on our own hill then we need to pay a little extra to a local business owner so they in turn can do the same… this is what will keep local business alive and you in business.

Shortly I will be re-launching Business in Berkshire platform with an emphasis on lead generation and my role will be to bang my big base drum to encourage local businesses to take up a FREE profile so that when next they have a need for something they can resource on other local business owners.

When a member business has a need, by completing a simple form, an email will be despatched to FULL Business in Berkshire Members, who pay a fair fee for the ability to receive business leads.

Find out more here…

So what do you think of my new title? Does it work for you?

Thank you.

07717 820823

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