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100 Berkshire Bloggers Needed

Business in Berkshire has been online since 2002… originally started to help local businesses drive more business opportunities to their door… those business owners that listened back then did win more business… are you listening today? Welcome to The Berkshire Blog…

I’m looking for 100 Berkshire Bloggers to mix things up and write great content for this site. Those that write the best content will naturally be selected by the business owners reading this site to write something for them.

We can’t guarantee any business for budding bloggers, what we can do is give you a better chance than most of getting noticed. Our history & reputation comes before us and that will naturally attract visitors to find out what’s happening around Berkshire on our brand new blog.

Will Corry, who gets nearly 30,000 unique visitors a month to his Marketing Blog, is one of our partners and he will be cherry picking the marketing stories for his 13,000 email recipients. His new phrase is “Shaken & Stirred” based on the fact you have to shake things up to get anyone to notice you in the first place and then you have to stir the content to ensure the message gets through, working it into a variety of permutations to help it on its way! I’m happy to plagiarise his phrase even before he’s made it famous & he’s happy for me to do so… you should always ask permission before reproducing the content of others, you should also acknowledge the source of the wisdom.

We’re looking for stories about people, about business ideas, about community projects, about men & motors, about Henley & Ascot, about Rotary & The Chamber; Business & pleasure… do come and tell us a story… send us an email & picture with your first entry, we may then ask if you would like to be one of our 100 Berkshire Bloggers. If successful you’ll be given your own username and password & we can discuss how we see this working and how you could ultimately earn money for your efforts.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

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