Joe Sparks inspires Windsor Rotarians

The Green Room : Ladies and gents, make time to watch the video and find out what Joe Sparks does to help Windsor’s youth and why one of the nation’s favourite celebrities is a patron… or that could be an illusion 😉

With my passion for Youth Speaks, it was difficult to ignore The Green Room Project after hearing Joe Sparks tell his story. I asked him to come and present to Windsor & Eton Rotary last year and now find myself working with Joe on finding corporate sponsors to fund those young people the local authorities & schools are happy to forget about until they are a “real” problem.

Please, make a sandwich & a cup of tea, sit down, watch the video and you’ll understand why I am getting involved and why Joe is so “fucking” good at what he does. I am angry that society doesn’t do more… so I am…

My logic is if a local business sponsors a young person to go to The Green Room, that young person could potentially become a fantastically loyal employee down the line… even just for a few years before they fly off to even greater things.

As a business owner you could sponsor a dog charity, many do… you might want to do something for children in Africa… or you might want to lose the romance, look on your own doorstep and realise there are over 100 kids in Windsor alone that are not attending school… they are not just poor kids, there are “Eton boys” who need some love & support as well.

Watch the video and let’s talk about how you can help Joe and then we can look at how I can help you by way of a thank you.

“I’ve spoken to Joe at length about the project, seen amazing results, and have been completely won over. Both by Joe’s passionate dedication to the cause, and his abilities in getting these young people to where they need to be. I’ve seen him work true magic, and am very proud to be involved in the Greenroom.” Derren Brown – Patron

If I Can Dream

elvin priestley professional photographer john cassidy

If I Can Dream featuring Elvin Priestly and produced by JazzMouse Studios is being constantly reproduced to raise money for The Lindsay Dawkes Fund for Musical Development.

Would you like to be part of our next Jon & Paul If I Can Dream REMIX?
Find out more…

lindsay dawkes fund for music development
Please donate what you can. The track is £0.99p but feel free to pay any amount over and above this. All monies raised will go to the fund.

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I shot this video one spring morning, the sun was shining and all was well with the world 😉 Enjoy…

We have to enjoy the positive energy given to us in these moments, as we need to smile with our friends. We really don’t spend enough time enjoy the little things these days. Computers push us to find the next thing, the next thing, the next thing, in the hope just one more wafer thin mint will be the answer. We know it is not but we still think we can find the answers somewhere else.

All the answers are within, we just have to give ourselves time to explore and find them. This requires quiet times and happy times… give yourself more of them 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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