Jonathan L Davey

Jonathan L Davey, curator & editor at The Berkshire Blog

Jonathan L Davey

Jonathan L Davey, Jon to most, being a fan of Samuel L Jackson, I decided to relaunch myself as Jonathan “L” Davey figuring it work for him, so it could work for me 😉

I first launched Business in Berkshire on 20th February 2002 to help promote my email marketing business and provide a free news service to local businesses. In 2004 this became a content management driven website and in 2008 had 5,000,000 page views. 2010 people wanted to talk more so we switched our energy over to LinkedIn, creating the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group. Time moves on and new ways of presenting & sharing information come to the fore…

4th July 2013 and with content still king on the web and a need to start shaking and stirring things up around Berkshire, I selected to go with WordPress so we can invite local bloggers & curators to join in the fun with minimal effort on their part… we all like to use familiar tools and WordPress is king of the blogging world.

And in the interests of freshening things up, Business in Berkshire will now be referred to as The Berkshire Blog.

A key element, that will be introduced shortly will be the ability for visitors to post tenders for our VIP Members to respond to. Being the centre of news distribution creates the awareness and our revenue comes from giving local business what they really need, which are opportunities to sell more of their stuff 😉

Thank you for clicking on my pic, now go click on more pics and see what’s behind them…


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

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