Keeping up with the changes with LinkedIn

There is nothing more annoying that having just mastered a system that the rules change and you have to start thinking through the process of engagement again…

LinkedIn recently changed how it presents itself to the world… tweaking the emphasis it gives various elements based on its chosen direction for future business development.

LinkedIn is an essential tool for anyone in business in 2013. Making new connections, finding key decision makers in your industry, someone who could help you find that next step up the career ladder or achieve your current sales target by buying some of what you’ve got 😉

“Those that choose to ignore it are naïve, it is well and truly here to stay for the foreseeable and you need to be at the party to join in the dance… once you’ve learned some basic moves you can freestyle and make up your own dance steps that work for you.”

The best LinkedIn dance coach I know is Mr Mark White, who runs half day workshops across the UK.

Go see what he has on offer, give him a call and book your session…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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