Lunch with Adam Afriyie MP

Lunch with Windsor MP Adam Afriyie, Friday 12th July

Adam Afiyie (MP) listening to Thames Valley FSB Chairman David Knowles-Leak

Following the budget, Windsor MP Adam Afriyie made it clear that his vision for Britain is a nation where enterprise, employment and economic growth are valued. He wants to get the UK back in good business shape, and thinks the Government should help businesses to get on and grow.

There is no cause to doubt his intent as he was already a successful entrepreneur and business man prior to standing for Parliament, having created jobs for approaching 1,000 around the world – more than enough to keep him busy.

Adam has kindly agreed to lunch with FSB Members from around Windsor at a The Castle Hotel, Windsor on Friday 12th July from 12:00PM while 2:00PM, £20 per head.

Join us for a two course buffet lunch. Attendees can submit questions via the booking process, or just ask them on the day. One business will be chosen to give a 10 minute presentation…

• New Start Up – full of ideas, what do you need?
• Established Sole Trader – happy after reading Gerber, what do you need?
• Growing Pains – starting to grow, what do you need?

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts & ideas with your local MP. He can then use this information as a reference point in any discussions he finds himself involved in.

Please email me jonathanldavey at gmail dot com with your story, we’ll select one to give a presentation on the day. This is a story telling process, no PC presentations, just you, your voice and 10 minutes to tell your tale.

11:30 AM Reception
12:00 PM Adam Afriyie MP will arrive
12:15 PM Main Course
12:45 PM Presentation by chosen business
12:55 PM Sweet
13:15 PM Adam Afriyie MP will answer your questions
14:00 PM General Networking


Thank you.

Jon Davey
FSB Committee Member

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