Need a Simple Visual Plan? Try this…

MAPP provides you with a simple, fast and effective way to create a visual representation of a plan about anything.

MAPP breaks each plan down into simple but essential top level steps that you need to complete to implement the whole plan successfully.

Each step is represented by a hexagon and you can allocate them different colours associated with any criteria you choose such as type of activity, owner, phase, cost and so on.

Each hexagon is independent of the next but you can connect them together if you feel that they have a relationship in terms of time or type of activity.

The status of each step is visually communicated by the way that the hexagons ‘fill up’ like glasses of juice, revealing a tick or check mark when all tasks are complete.

Enjoy these testimonials for MAPP


Our lawyers were slightly sceptical at first about the MAPP system. At the end they were all converts. It made them think through problems from a commercial perspective. Consequently, it gave them a client’s eye view of problems and I am sure they came out of the process better equipped. The best testimonial is that they all wished they could have spent longer doing it!

Ian Mather, Senior Partner, Eversheds, Cambridge


We selected MAPP as the primary delivery partner for our High Growth Programme because their system was the only one we found that really linked training on strategic planning to successful implementation.

The workshops have all been very successful with feedback from delegates universally positive about the programme and so I highly recommend Applied Knowledge as a result.

Janette Pallas


I started the MAPP day with a business that needed clarity about its objectives and its USP. Within the first hour, it became clear that the real USP was different from the one I imagined.

By the end of a gruelling day, we had a map of an action plan for the next five years, a much clearer vision for the future, and confidence in managing the growth of the business.

Anthony Hurden

Enjoy The MAPP Blog…

Simpler Planning in 3 Easy Steps

Why is it that when anyone mentions planning, all you hear are groans and sighs and then a catalogue of reasons and excuses to avoid being dragged into the dreaded planning ‘process’? Similar protests can also be heard when a plan is produced which

If you would like to know more, click the links above and take in more of our website or simply call me and we can talk through how The MAPP may work for you.

Thank you.

Andy Hatcher
01223 755744

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