Get Your Mobile Marketing Boost

Pushing out my newsletter last week I invited recipients to share the stories far and wide… Mark D Harris knew the potential doors our news channels could open up and chose to share three of these top stories to earn his slot in this week’s newsletter.

In my mind, Mark knows his way around mobiles and how your organisation can make the most of the platform. He has extensive experience of working with mobile companies, some of the companies above and a great testimonial below…

“I have worked with Mark for a number of years. His insight, market knowledge and structured approach to delivering top-class mobile content are second to none.” Christian Harris CEO Gorillabox

Mark D Harris on Mobile

We’ve all got them in our pockets and they’re becoming more central to our lives, what would we do without our mobiles?

The dramatic increase in smartphones, now over 20 million in the UK, has brought ‘apps’ to the front of our phone screens. Connecting with your customers through their mobiles puts your brand into their pockets, every day of the week!

Whether you’re thinking that your business “needs an app” or you’re just considering how to go mobile, Mark can probably help you or put you in touch with the right person, as he’s working right now with some of the most innovative brands in the sector.

If you’d like to have a chat about connecting with your customers through mobile then please get in touch, 0789 990 6017.

Mark D Harris on Attracting New Customers

It’s all in the wrapping…

To attract customers to your products and services, consider your solutions as presents that you’re wrapping for them. See if this checklist helps to get the cogs whirring in a different direction…

Attractive Marketing Checklist

Planning your present list
o Who is your present for – ie your ideal customer?
o What do they need?
o What are you offering to meet their need?
o Why should they want your present?
o Who else is receiving your presents – ie your other customers?
o How happy are your other customers, with their presents from you?
o What’s the price of your present?
o Why should they want your present…again?
o Where do they find your gift?
o Why not – use a PS?

Wrapping your present…
o Make it an OUTSTANDING offer
o Keep your CUSTOMER CENTRAL in your communications
o Inject your Brand PERSONALITY
o Add Value to DIFFERENTIATE, don’t just discount
o Offer a free TASTER for new customers
o Make it INTERACTIVE, online and in-store
o CONSISTENT Customer Experience everywhere
o ENGAGE with your customers
o ENCOURAGE early-bookers with a sweetener
o Make ONLINE a Unique experience

Good luck with your Marketing activities and let me know how you get on…

0789 990 6017

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