WINNING council tender contracts

If you are looking to WIN big contracts that require you to complete an official tender document, then you need to talk to Ian Smith of WINNING TENDERS.

Ed: The video above we shot back in Nov 2011 as part of our 2020 Social Media event… I publish it so you can see the nature of Ian, we like to know who we are dealing with, he is obviously a decent chap.

When my accountant asked me if I knew someone who could assist her with the tender process for her mother’s taxi business then Ian was the man in my head.

Margaret spoke to Ian and introduced her mother. Her mum had run her taxi business for many years and had a way of doing things which meant she knew what was what but not how to express it in a council tender document.

The process was one where Ian would ask a question, Margaret would translate her mother’s response into business language and Ian would take that information and translate it into the perfect council tender response.

The reality was a few thousand pounds invested in Ian’s professional tendering resulted in an account worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and a number of knock on effects, landing more business… well worthwhile.

So what are you going to do next time you are looking to win a council tender? Call 01392 247997?

Here are a few more examples of companies & testimonials from people Ian has assisted in winning tenders.

Our proven track record of winning tenders

Over the past few years, we have helped many of our clients win tenders with both public sector and corporate organisations. The value of the contracts won has ranged from £100,000 a year to more than £3 Million a year.
You can see just a sample of the contracts we have won below:

    • A facilities management contract with BP for a small business services company

    • Transfer of the Department of Health London copy centres and print room, including over 20 employees, to a print firm

    • A major taxi service contract with the BBC for a North London cab firm

    • An office equipment fleet management contract with a building services company for a Xerox concessionaire

    • Copy shop and copier/printer fleet contracts with three NHS Trusts for an office services company

    • A major outsourcing contract with an engineering consultancy, comprising print room management, transfer of 6 employees, equipment fleet management and printing for an office services company

    • Special needs transport services with three London boroughs for an Ealing taxi operator

    • A fulfilment centre and managed print services contract with a global software supplier for a business services company

    • Three local authority public transport contracts for a major bus operator in Berkshire

    • Local authority food service contract for a Bristol-based food service firm

    • Transport, fulfilment and logistics services for two Formula One race teams for a specialist transport firm

    • Printer fleet management and IT support contracts with a global pharmaceutical company for a Xerox concessionaire

    • Central print room services for a European bank in the City of London for a business services company

    • An integrated print services contract with a local authority for a print and office equipment supplier

‘If your company competes for business by submitting complex bids and tenders I unreservedly recommend Winning Tenders… they write bids that catch the eye and win the hearts and minds of decision makers.’
Paul Jenkins, Ability Selection, Hemel Hempstead

‘Winning Tenders is a superb company to work with. They have helped me source and work on a number of complex pitches with excellent results. I would not only recommend them but use them time and again myself.’
Adam Baggs, Soaring PR

‘We’ve been awarded the contract, only managed with your help and support….a big thanks from me and my team here.’
Charles Saunders, Food Service, Bristol

‘You’ve won us a multiple-task contract – nice work, well done – many thanks!’
Advanced Constructors International, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

With reliable, professional services, our promise of exceptional support and a proven record of success, why wouldn’t you call 01392 247997

Ed: Ian’s a Berkshire ex-pat moving nearer the sea a couple of year’s ago!

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