Putting the Zest back into Government

Guest blog post by Rachel McGuinness

Is our government fit enough to run the country? While chatting to an MP recently, he freely admitted that they were a very unhealthy bunch, so all the more reason for getting my hands on them and having my “Zesty” way with them.

These are the people who should really be setting an example to the rest of us and “walking their talk”, they are the policy and decision makers of this country, and if most of them are running on empty, swigging back Diet Coke and living on caffeine, what chance to do we have as a nation?

MP’s take note: you need to get your act together, winning the next election will be the survival of the fittest. Mr Cameron, “Is your party really fit enough to win the next election?” From what I can gather from my source in the corridors of power, the House of Commons does not offer the healthiest of fayre. Will I get a backlash from the “old school” if I tell them to cut down on their consumption of “spotted dick” and custard and other stodgy nursery style food?

Seriously though, MP’s do work long hours as we know and they are in high-pressured jobs, the above article highlights that, but they need to ensure they are working smarter not harder. A high proportion of MP’s look unhealthy, are overweight and really need to take a good look at how their working life is affecting their energy and productivity.

With the health of our nation in decline and the NHS at breaking point, do we need Britain’s policy makers to add to the increasing numbers of people with coronary heart disease, diabetes and lifestyle cancers to put even more pressure on the NHS?

My mini manifesto for changing the MP mindset

The Margaret Thatcher philosophy of “well, she ran the country on only four hours sleep”, is downright stupid, unhealthy and dangerous. They need 7 hours a night minimum to maintain health like the rest of us.

Making sure they eat regular healthy meals to maintain their blood sugar levels to keep them energised and focused is crucial. They need to also make sure they always have access to healthy snacks not the unhealthy stodge that will give them “post lunch fatigue” causing them to nod off on the back benches.

I caught an MP I met at a recent event shovelling canapés down his neck like there was no tomorrow, muttering how he had missed lunch – tut, tut!

We all have the same minutes and hours in a week, some of us use the excuse of having no time to exercise, MP’s are no exception – MAKE TIME! Anyone can get a good workout in 15 – 30 minutes. The government recommends that we should be doing 5 x 30 minutes of exercise a week, at the moment I wonder how many MP’s actually do that? I say 2 – 4 x 30 minutes is good enough.

I did suggest to my MP friend that I would be quite happy to run MP’s fitness boot camps first thing in the morning in Parliament Square, however I’m not sure if the country is ready for Eric Pickles in Lycra – Boris might be up for it though!

Mr Cameron, you can’t run a country on Diet Coke, an empty stomach and little sleep.

Rachel McGuinness
Zest Lifestyle

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