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Ensuring future jobs for our kids

Thank you for stopping by The Berkshire Blog… our main aim is to help local business do more business locally… and you can help, it would be great if you would!

I know, if you search for long enough, you’ll find someone who can provide you with a service for next to nothing in some far off distant land… but how will that help local businesses? More importantly, how will it help your kids or grand kids get a job?

Do you want them to move to the other side of the world to secure employment? Or even, dare I say it, up north!

Surely you’d rather they were just around the corner, enjoying their lives, not simply worrying about how they are going to pay their bills?

One way you can help them longer term is by sourcing your suppliers locally as much as you possibly can. And trying to ensure they, in turn, are sourcing locally.

The Berkshire Blog is happy to feature stories around CEOs of big businesses and small businesses who are doing their best to resource locally.

Obviously the big boys have the ability to place bigger orders but many will be governed by foreign masters… but all the smaller businesses added together will have a greater buying power and much more local impact.

Telling stories to celebrate those making and effort is part of it, the other part is joining the necessary dots.

We can connect you to a local supplier, starting with our VIP Members and if necessary, opening up the opportunity to our readers to tender for that bit of business you can and are willing to put their way…

We’ll get a proper form organised but in the meantime, simply send me an email jonathanldavey @ saying what you are after and I will do my bit to find you a local business that can offer a solution.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
07717 820823

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