adam afriyie mp with windsor business owners

Adam Afriyie MP will get UK business booming, it’s what he does, best listen to his advice…

Adam Afriyie MP for Windsor makes a genuine invitation to local residents “If you don’t like what I do, don’t vote for me, I can take it, I’m a grown up!”

Today, 12th July 2013, at The Castle Hotel in Windsor, twenty FSB members & Windsor business people joined Adam for lunch. Arriving a little later than planned, he shared his thoughts on questions addressed and everyone left feeling confident in his ability to be a champion of business in the coming years. He remained with us for much longer than planned and answered every question open & honestly, giving full comprehensive responses & explaining why he couldn’t respond fully to some.

For me the overarching message was if you want something to happen, get off your arse and do something about it and if enough people start singing from the same hymn sheet, government will start listening and take appropriate action or offer positive advice. And when you think about it, that should be their job!
Jon Davey, Windsor business owner & FSB activist

I enjoy organising this event on behalf of FSB members and each year I try to attract more people… but I know most people feel that whatever they say or do it will have little or no impact… bloody good job Adam and his fellow MPs don’t feel like that or we’d have been drinking our beer out of steins and eating frogs legs twice a week by now.

The basic format was three tables, Adam spent 30 minutes on each… table 1 had a financial theme, table 2 health and table 3 was Windsor centric. This way he got to hear from everyone who wanted to ask a question.

I have posted a link to this event to everyone who attended and have asked them to comment below… 20 people, 1 Adam… I’ve had a say already and don’t want to interrupt the flow… I’m looking for 18 people to post what they asked Adam and what they thought he replied… others can add to each thread what they took from it… this way, based on the reality that some are not mad keen on this web blog stuff, if we get 9 different people sharing below, you’ll know it was an interesting event and that you’d best attend the next Adam Afriyie lunch or dinner when you have the opportunity to do so.

When posting a comment please add a link to your website so readers can find out more about you.

And last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to The Castle Hotel for sponsoring the event and putting on a great spread. Call Emma on 01753 641302 to ask about hosting your event.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
07717 820823

4 thoughts on “Adam Afriyie MP will get UK business booming, it’s what he does, best listen to his advice…

  1. Great event enjoyed it refreshing .Adam mentioned lending for business from funding circle does anyone have any more names or websites I can visit


  2. A most impressive man. I liked his declaration that we should all be responsible for ourselves. Something I have carried for 50 years! Politicians are elected to modify our structure of Law. Not to hold our hands. Maybe the “Nanny Sate” will recede.


  3. his was the 2nd time I met Adam – he is a very approachable guy. I asked him about how we can inspire the UK to become healthier, as Boris Johnson was quoted in the Telegraph as being a nation of sloths and under performers and lag behind our European rivals in terms of output. Boris is right, I’ve got the stats that backs up what he says.

    I did challenge Adam’s figures on where we’re ranked in terms of competing in the world markets. The health of the nation is linked to the health of the economy, the responsibility does start with self, but we also need to inspire British business to put the “zest” back into the health of its employees so that we work smarter not harder, and perform better as a nation to drive improvements in productivity that this country needs to compete with leading European countries and the rest of the world.


  4. My question was about the challenging trend of large corporate clients forcing suppliers to contract to 60 or even 90 day payment terms, in contravention of the European Parliament recomendations, with devastating effect on cashflow. Adam’s view is that UK legislation would be slow and subject to unintended consequencies. His recomendation would be to “name and shame” so that businesses amend their rules and build a reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility rather than bullying small businesses.
    Difficult to name and shame my own clients (soon to be ex-clients I suspect) but an FSB campaign would be a great national headline grabber.
    So please comment if you or any other FSB members are affected by this and would back an FSB campaign.


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