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Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!

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Most people hate talking to strangers… they may be great inventors or amazing administrators but making contact with strangers is not their bag! But it is mine…

Do you require some representation in Windsor, Berkshire or the UK? I’m helping a few organisations at the same time, enabling you to have a slice of my week for a very favourable fee!

I’m an ICE BREAKER, saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to. I am a great “stone turner” who is able to find and identify business opportunities and I work with partners who can add value to the overall offering.

Let’s talk about what you need and agree a process and fee that works for both of us.

What starts as a short term contract may then progress into something more meaningful…

Working for you 24/7

The Internet is constantly on, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allowing people to visit your online social media profiles, blog or ecommerce website, choosing when they engage with you… there in lines part of the problem…

What percentage of the time do YOU visit a website or online profile and simply click onto the next thing? I’m assuming most of the time, say 99%… so why is it any different for other decision makers like you, who you would rather like to engage with?

What I and my team do is speed up the business engagement process…

We communicate with various groups of people both on and offline, finding business opportunities for our business partners… that could be you if you’re smart enough… are you?

Our ultimate goal is finding you the right people to talk to… how we get there will vary based on the social media channels, traditional marketing tools at our disposal and your level of commitment to us…

Only £247 per month each:

  • FULL Business in Berkshire Membership, including tender distribution
  • VIP Membership: pro-active day to day engagement with your business at the fore of our thoughts
  • Weekly engagement via The Marketing Blog, providing click through data (13,000)
  • Monthly email newsletter creation including, one bespoke story plus aggregation of 4-5 related news stories (including 5,000 email sends)
  • Qualification of any click through data, via phone & email, establishing actual needs (up to 50)
  • Half a day focused on digging for new business leads in external sources
  • Creation & promotion of a half day event, venue & hosting costs would be additional

VIP Business in Berkshire Membership is a new project which is taking shape at this time… you can review my current thinking here. We have 3,500 email recipients and over 2000 members of a Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group. The Marketing Blog has a national flavour, aimed at marketing directors looking to know the latest marketing trends and a distribution base of over 13,000.

Knowing how to create engaging communications is part of our skills set which we can share with you along with qualifying the actual interest of those clicking through on emails and wandering our communities. We can help you put on events or workshops and drive attendance or we can go off and find new opportunities in unexplored areas.

To explore what you need from us we can spend 20 minutes on the phone for FREE or spend half a day getting into more detail for a FEE… now what would that fee be?

There is an educational piece here… social media engagement is happening and many people I bump into have put this on the back burner, to learn about tomorrow… it’s happening today and if you want to be successful in business then you need to get with the programme. I can run 121 session with you and a colleague to establish where you are and what you should start thinking about… for more formal training I work with partners with the necessary skills.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

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