feast or famine


Over the 15 years I’ve been in business for myself I have heard many a consultant wonder how they can address the eternal problem of feast and famine. Well let me know if my ICE BREAKER “Feast NOT Famine” SUMMER SIZZLIER takes your fancy?

The problem being, for those new to the phrase, while working on a project there is no time to find the next project and so when the project stops there is a period of famine while the next one is found.

Traditionally consultants will register with the relevant agencies, contact their network and generally start digging around looking for fresh opportunities or new projects with CEOs who they have worked with in the past.

In my role as an ICE BREAKER I connect with senior decision makers and encourage them to use my network as their second port of call, after their own, for finding the right person to fix their current problem.

People deal with people they know like and trust… and if they have been referred by someone else then it may simply then come down to do I like them!

Most of the business networks tend to attract those who are just starting out and looking to sell their widgets to anyone who will listen, so don’t attract CEOs and MDs of companies with 10+ employees.

You have to attract their attention at their desks and if you are lucky enough and they take your call or read your email, then it needs to be interesting, to the point & of some tangible business benefit… if you waste their time with ego and hot air then they are unlikely to listen, never mind respond to your next call to action.

I have been communicating with business owners since 1999 and have learned how to maintain an open channel and find I am generally able to generate a response as necessary.

My newsletter goes to around 3,500 business people and I run the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group with over 2000 members. Channels I open up for my business partners…

I am also, very strategically for some, able to educate & encourage them in the art of social media engagement. Much of this is around confidence building, as most consultants are good at hiding their light under a bushel!

As with anything worthwhile, it takes time for me to understand how best how I can help you find your next opportunity.

One of the best ways is for me simply to be knocking the doors of CEOs & MDs, engaging in conversation and encouraging them to listen to my channels… connecting you to those who sound like they need a little help from an expert of your calibre 😉

I’ve been tuned into Jon’s online channels for a few years and I have always enjoyed his energy. Although very experienced at what I do, marketing through social media and simply knocking on doors was for me, a new departure from my comfort zone. I decided in May to take Jon up on his offer of help and arranged to start 1st July… within hours of my payment landing in his account we were underway… great feedback on my website which I’ve begun to apply, I’ll have to or Jon will be on my case!
We discussed the profile of my perfect client and Jon suggested ideas for stories related to their industries and perspectives. He has got me engaging more with my own social media channels, reflecting on where I was trying to go and what was even better, I have a friendly, experienced & willing ear that is feeding back honestly & making suggestions which are spurring me on to make the most of.
And the best thing… a great gift on my birthday, 12 days into this 6 month project and after leveraging Jon’s enthusiasm, I regenerated my network of satisfied customers and received a call offering me another International project which will make the most of my unique PPPIG methodology… Jon is not directly responsible but by sharing his energy, I have upped my game to ensure that those who already know me won’t overlook me in their time of need.
It is all too easy to just wait and see when lean times lead to a tightening of the belt. It’s quite a better thing to grab such an opportunity and drive business forward instead. First conversation Jon and I had was around Feast or Famine, a concept well known to services professionals… do yourself a service, give Jonathan L Davey, my ICE BREAKER, a call and take him up on his Summer Sizzler, a great investment in your business.
Gareth Crompton, MBCI
Abide Consulting Limited

I am happy to offer you the light touch approach for just £247 per month…

And for those that know an amazing bargain when they see it, for JULY ONLY, we have our ICE BREAKER “Feast NOT Famine” SUMMER SIZZLIER at just £1000, that will see you all the way through until Christmas, renewing in January 2014 if you feel our VIP Membership offers you value for money.

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
07717 820823

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