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The recent £200,000 fine for NHS Surrey is a timely reminder to check Data Protection in your company. How often do you do that?
Whilst looking at this I came across the useful ICO website, which I had not seen before.
Russian Kremlin chooses typewriters over computers to plug risk of information leaks.
Cyber attacks can do very nasty damage to a business. Is taking technology back 40 years to the days of typewriters really a viable solution? What would you choose to do?
With the Ashes & Henley Festival set to bowl us over, which is your favourite Berkshire summer event?
Please add other summer events as comments so we can have fun this summer… thank you.
Calling all entrepreneurs, Sue Ryder are recruiting teams for Sue Ryder Big Wigs 2013
To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we are asking teams or individuals to challenge themselves in raising £1953 from a start up …
How Necessary is it to Engage With Your Most Loyal Customers?
Once they’re on board and they’re sending you a regular payment, how much do you really need to work to keep your faithful customers …
Does your business punch above its weight?
One of the things that directors and partners of small or micro businesses often say to me is that they would like more business with
Stop Reading My Emails, Blogs and Social Media Please
Edward Snowden is a very brave and special man to stand up to the lies, rhetoric and spin of the Obama, Cameron and Hollande government, …
Let’s Talk Here Update
Just checking who is out there again,
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