Celebrating CEOS who resource LOCALLY

Jonathan L Davey, ICE BREAKER over at The Berkshire Blog is looking to talk to CEOs who prefer to resource locally… not those who talk the talk but ONLY those who walk the walk.

The chances are, if you have children, then you’ll be more likely to be thinking beyond your beer or night out. If we want our children to live near us then they’ll need to earn a good living and that can only happen if there are plenty of local jobs to choose from…

If there are only a few jobs, employers can pay less than if there are plenty to go around, so any accountant worth his/her salt will be looking to cut costs, buy from the cheapest suppliers and make as much profit as possible for the business owners.

FALSE ECONOMY… this thinking reduces local opportunities when what we need to be thinking about are increasing the opportunities for our kids, creating stepping stones for future success.

It might cost a few extra pounds to make this a reality… so be it… we’re creating the best possible environment for our youth. That has to be our priority?

I’m looking to help those who are doing the most for their local communities and to this end I want to talk to CEOs who resource locally, so I can shine a spot light on them!

If you know a CEO who matches this profile or are the very person, connect with me…

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
07717 820823

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