The Friday Question from The Berkshire Blog Shed

How do you deal with information overload?

How do you filter the noise so you get what you want from it?

Please comment below on how you sort the wheat from the chaff?

questions from the shed

Are you having enough one to one conversations with people who are not just interested in what you have to say but who could actually sign a Purchase Order that will help pay your mortgage next month?

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
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4 thoughts on “The Friday Question from The Berkshire Blog Shed

  1. The assumption you make is that people are missing things that matter….

    How about asking the question. How to I find what I really need? let me add, at this specific point in time and/or for future reference? I think it is worth making the distinction.

    If my version of “Wheat” is what you need, then I better make sure it stands out before you have to reach for the haystack.

    Finding what you need is getting harder and search engines are struggling to keep up with semantic searching…. they are very good, but still lack the power of talking with an expert.

    and, I think that is the answer to your question…. Ask an Expert.


    1. Thank you for being the first to comment Roy… we need to have a cup of tea one day soon, you are local to me right?

      It’s interesting your take… you spun this into a search, finding things… I guess I’m looking at it from a noise position, which bits do I listen to?

      An expert helps me understand but if I am already an expert and am looking to be more of an expert, I need to listen to what others in the industry are saying, assuming my ego allows 😉


  2. There are various methods for filtering, but I use a “gut feel” approach. Once I have identified the wheaty nuggets (or problems) I can analyse the numbers. Fortunately I only have a small amount of data to process.

    (PS Great shed – I can see why you get so inspired there!)


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