Windsor’s favourite adopted northern son celebrates 50 years

David Shaw, originally from Ilkley, Yorkshire celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday at home in Windsor with family & his Windsor Rotarian pals…

I went on an interview tour, talking to a number of those celebrating his birthday but unfortunately pressed the wrong blinking button and so lost some… enjoy what we’ve got…

Fred will be District Governor for Rotary in 2014, that’s a world cup year, we’d best do something about that!

This was then followed by David telling us all (for 20 minutes!) about Yorkshire, singing in the choir, moving to Windsor, being a Scout leader, managing pensions for the clergy, Parish Church, Rotary and being best pals with Prince Philip!

I did ask Kevin McGarry, M.V.O. Trustee & Secretary of The Prince Philip Trust Fund how Prince Philip would describe his relationship with David Shaw. Obviously it wouldn’t be “the done thing” for him to comment… read into that what you will 😉

For whatever reason, the interviews with Kevin, Colin Raynor & his daughter Abi plus David’s 20 minute speech didn’t get captured, so last words go to his other daughter Becky.

Keep doing what you’re doing Dave, you add value to the lives of so many around Windsor, most of whom don’t even know it… enjoy being 50…

Please add a comment below if you’d like to wish David a happy birthday…

Thank you.


Jonathan L Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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