Great bloke to have on your team

great bloke to have on your team

Today, on my LinkedIn profile it say’s 32 people have endorsed me for “Great bloke to have on your team” and being one of my favourite endorsement criteria, I’m very pleased about that…

Those administrators out there, who deal with and love facts, boxes to put folk in, will much prefer a list based on SIC Codes or other library codes that are globally recognised, signed off by 27 authoritative bodies and firmly labelled… that’s cool, it’s not their fault, it’s who they are…

In the same way I hate being in a chuffing box, this makes it more difficult for folk to mentally pin me down… which on one level is a bit bonkers because if the reality is that those guys who love admin are making the decisions on who to give a contract to, then technically I’m screwed!

But then is the relationship going to work? Someone on your case 24/7 is good for some but not for others… I’m a grafter, I get things done but I do it my way!

I’ve lost count of the number of people who have asked me, “So what exactly is it that you do?” As if my offering is in the ethereal plain! But then perhaps it is? The world of social media is simply conversation… a sales person has lots of conversations, listening to what is being said and then responding accordingly…

I’m really pleased that at last I have found a title and headline that resonates with most people… ICE BREAKER “Saying hello to strangers, so you don’t have to!”

Those who have felt the pain of trying to connect with other people, uncomfortable with rejection, tend to avoid saying hello to strangers, preferring to wait to be introduced.

My job now is to find those who appreciate how my agile approach to communications may turn up that golden opportunity for them… they may well be great administrators but they’ll have an open mind to the benefits of my alternative approach, willing to take a walk down a “dark alley” to find those individuals who don’t run with the crowd, preferring to do things their own way.

These guys will fund my corner so I can spend time talking to strangers, so they don’t have to…

These are the 32 guys & gals who have endorsed me thus… go say hi… I plan on running a story each day for at least the next week around those who have endorsed me for “Great bloke to have on your team”… you can always join this gang by popping over to my profile and ticking accordingly…

Thank you… say hello to at least 1 person below that you don’t know…

Mary FlavelleMary Flavelle
Business Mentor
Reading, United Kingdom

Richard NolanRichard Nolan
Business Development Manager at PAS CMM UK Limited
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Keith SteptoeKeith Steptoe
SME Business Coach & Mentor
Reading, United Kingdom

Marina DuskovMarina Duskov
Lifestyle Consultant – Reignite Your Passion for Life
Reading, United Kingdom

Keith GroverKeith Grover
TeamLeader at MyTeam Network
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

Guy WhitcroftGuy Whitcroft
Technology CEO/COO/VP/Director; strong International track-record across all channels/disciplines
Reading, United Kingdom

Christine ClaceyChristine Clacey
Global Business Solutions Readiness Manager at Microsoft
Reading, United Kingdom

Darren CurtisDarren Curtis
Reading, United Kingdom

David Hampton CEng CEnvDavid Hampton CEng CEnv
(the carbon coach) – the slow coach
Slough, United Kingdom

David McCullochDavid McCulloch
Project Management – Transforming your Football Business Performance through People
Reading, United Kingdom

Ian InmanIan Inman
Director at Quartz Data Services Ltd
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Amanda BouchAmanda Bouch
Business Owner at ABC – AmandaBouchConsulting
Slough, United Kingdom

Martin HighMartin High
Reading, United Kingdom

Matt DavisMatt Davis
Director/Editor at MDMA Ltd
Slough, United Kingdom

Gareth DaviesGareth Davies
Chartered Accountant
Slough, United Kingdom

Gareth Crompton MBCIGareth Crompton MBCI
Director – Business Continuity Specialist Consultant at Abide Consulting Ltd (
Reading, United Kingdom

Alishan AkramAlishan Akram
Providing an Internal Recruitment service across the Capita Group
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Annie EnglishAnnie English
Local Nature Partnership Officer at Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust
Watford, United Kingdom

Daniel WalkerDaniel Walker
Co-author at Mind the Career Gap
London, United Kingdom

Jason LewisJason Lewis
Founding Partner at DAC Entertainment Limited
Reading, United Kingdom

Nigel PriorNigel Prior
All the Virtual Office Support Services you need for one fixed affordable monthly fee
Southampton, United Kingdom

Maggie KellettMaggie Kellett
Facilities Manager at Boden
United Kingdom

Liam BlackmoreLiam Blackmore
Director of Business Development at SmartPay Accounting – Contractor Solutions
Reading, United Kingdom

Sharon Pugh HR ConsultantSharon Pugh HR Consultant
Guiding SME business owners through the ever changing maze of employment legislation by offering tailored advice
Reading, United Kingdom

Omer DawelbeitOmer Dawelbeit
Google Enterprise Professional at Appsbroker
Reading, United Kingdom

Niki MossmanNiki Mossman
Personal Development Consultant at Positive Impact uk
Reading, United Kingdom

Andrea HallAndrea Hall
Marketing Manager – Tel: 07879 810006
Reading, United Kingdom

Catherine O'ConnorCatherine O’Connor
Trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced telecommunications professional
Reading, United Kingdom

Louize ClarkeLouize Clarke
Talent Manager at Foehn, Director at indigo loop limited
Reading, United Kingdom

Bruce McKenzie-BoyleBruce McKenzie-Boyle
Sales Leader, Consultant, Developer of High-Performamce Sales Teams, Interim Sales Director, Non-Executive Director.
Reading, United Kingdom

Roland MooreRoland Moore
Over 10 years experience in delivering successful CRM and XRM solutions to clients using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Reading, United Kingdom

Abdul Majed Sheikh, MS, DipNLP, CertTESOLAbdul Majed Sheikh, MS, DipNLP, CertTESOL
Senior Operations Manager & Training Consultant Targ8 Ltd.; Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
Slough, United Kingdom

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823


What is your favourite thing to be endorsed for on LinkedIn?

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