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FRACK OFF, that doesn’t impact on me… or does it?

According to Frack OFF, Windsor, or more precisely, 100 yards from my house, marks the centre of an area taking in the Mars Factory in Slough, East Berkshire College in Langley, The Queen Mother Reservoir Colnbrook, Wraysbury Reservoir, Runnymede where the Magna Carta was signed, The Savill Garden, Windsor Great Park, Ascot Racecourse, Winkfield, Holyport, Bray, Dorney Lake, Eton College, Windsor Castle.

So you start messing around underground, the rock strata, it knows where the boundaries are right? No likely hood this will impact on Wokingham, Henley, Reading, Bracknell, Woking, Guildford, Oxford, London, RIGHT?


Heston’s had enough problems with contaminated water at The Fat Duck, mind you he probably needs more gas to put in that crap he serves up. Not sure Parky’s son or Wogan’s daughter will be so forgiving… both serving up excellent food… mind you, we did used to enjoy the Hungry Horse’s Sunday Lunches at a price that was jolly right before Katherine bought it 😉

Yesterday @carboncoach published a picture from Balcombe and I started reading the comments & conversation happening… those, like me, sitting on their arses, reading about from their comfy sofas and others, feeling more passionate, having made the effort to rock up and have their say…

Obviously nobody is really getting a say, the newspapers are reporting on the arrests and the fact that most of those arrested aren’t local. Not sure if that’s trying to say, look it’s just trouble causers from out of town… the reality is most of the folk that live in sleepy Balcombe will have a job they need to do tomorrow to pay the mortgage and the credit card bills they have run up buying loads of crap… much of it made from oil… products they don’t need or use anymore… bought because it seemed like a good idea at the time… now that financial responsibility is weighing on the shoulders and their first thought will be, can’t get arrested, need my job…

Might I suggest that that all those on benefits get their arses in gear and support those who are paying taxes, keeping you fed and watered… go and say hello to a stranger, say thanks for looking after me, my turn to put something back…

I’m looking at these pics and thought, I need to know more about fracking… I see the link to a UK map on Frack OFF… zoom in and scan around… so what’s going on near me?

FRACKING HELL I do need to know more about this, Windsor is right in the centre of a licensed area… so what’s this PEDL236?

FAIRFAX SHELFCO 307 LIMITED, Fairfax House, 15 Fulwood Place, London. WC1V 6AY are the company who hold the license issued by the Government… obviously this will be a substantial company with a pedigree in fracking… well, there is a single shareholder, the company has negative value according to DueDil…

The owner, Mr. Herold V. Ribsskog, works for an AMERICAN ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CORP who appear to be much deeper in debt ($14.1m) and according to one financial research company have a 96% chance of going down in the next two years…

Management Efficiency
The company has return on total asset (ROA) of (11.63) % which means that it has lost $11.63 on every $100 spent on asset. This is way below average. Similarly, it shows return on stockholders equity (ROE) of (180.26) % meaning that it created substantial loss on money invested by shareholders.

Entity Summary
American Energy Development Corporation, an exploration stage company, engages in the exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas in the United States and the United Kingdom. American Energy Development Corp [AEDC] is traded on OTC Market in USA. It is located in New York, NY and employs 2 people

Hey, that’s reassuring… it’s great to see that our Government are giving out contracts to those who are best at filling in forms & pulling the wool over their eyes and not best if you spend 30 seconds researching the web and have no real financial acumen… obviously they didn’t want to waste the tax payers money on overtime making sure they made the right decisions… get that rushed through quick, box ticked, someone’s pension pot just grew!

So if this all goes pear shaped, who will be picking up the bill for fixing Windsor? The Queen needs her money, she’s got a new grandchild, needs all the pennies she can get 😉 Congratulations your Majesty.

Could my 18 year old have applied for the license, she’s got more in the bank than these guys… she could outsource with the help of a local lawyer & recruitment company, pay them out of the winnings…

These frackers share prices keep rising, I wonder why that is!


First job… find out more about fracking and any impact it might have on us locally… so, do I need to read a 20,000 word government report sponsored by Greedy Fracker Inc to find out what’s likely to happen or do I turn to the Internet to ask those where this is actually impacting?

If you have an information, please post a comments, links, opinions, realities below…

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “FRACK OFF, that doesn’t impact on me… or does it?

  1. We are energy addicts. We’ve lived through an Energy Glut, or rather the first half of one, the half where it appeared to be a “happy ever after” exponential growth curve, whereas in fact it was just a little finite ‘blip’ – a bell-curve lasting a few hundred years – see this image >
    Sure, we will find other energy sources, but never again in such initially apparently infinite abundance. And never on the same scale or so condensed. Think having a jug of maple syrup taken away, and replaced with small glass of carrot juice.

    Before we ask the question where will all the energy we need come from, we’d be wise to ask the question how much energy do I (we) really need. Kinda “Loaves and Fishes” style. Then we might feed the 5000 (million) with the energy they need.

    If we continue to tell ourselves we ‘need’ more and more energy, we will behave like crazed addicts, desperate for the next fix. We will stoop to ‘fracking’ anything and everything, sod the consequences. We will steal, wreck, kill and pillage (in fact we already are) and we’ll carry on regardless of the costs that children will pay, for our unchecked dirty habit.

    Sadly there is no-one else we can blame for all this. It’s not really about “them” e.g. “they” the mining industry, “they” big oil, “they” fracking companies or “they” the Big6 – it is us.
    The closer we can get ourselves to off-grid – the more we can empower ourselves to actually say a great big physical no to all kinds of extreme energy. “Not buying it.”
    We can train ourselves, get in better shape (and ease our own personal energy addiction) so that we really can say ‘no’.

    Otherwise children will pay the ultimate price.


  2. Those of us who switch on low energy light bulbs & use computers are not responsible for the energy industry’s practices or the head in the sand attitude of UK MPs to the dangers of fracking. If they only simply googled.


  3. The real problem with fracking is there is no reliable data ordinary people can make their minds up with. On one hand – it’s protest groups – and on the other – large energy corporates who’s shareholders (no doubt) have a few government folk in their pockets!
    What we need is transparency – and that seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve.
    People in the oil/gas industry who have been involved in the process of drilling and mining will tell everyone fracking has been used already for decades and it’s OK. Trouble is – that’s usually the North Sea and Libya, Kuwait etc. Not terribly densely populated areas really – so comparisons are kind of pointless.
    My feeling is this is the UK deferring the elephant in the room over fossil energy being a finite resource.
    I’d be more impressed with a proper joined-up UK 50 year plan (even a 20 year one) that cannot be overturned by ‘the next administration in power’ syndrome – that laid out a reduction in fossil fuel consumption, better use of sustainables and revised thinking that involved the whole country’s interests – not just those of the major energy corporates.
    That would involve us not following the lead of the USA. That – in itself – would be a big challenge for the UK!


  4. Richard, I couldn’t agree more with your comments about not being able to find neutral views on the topic of Fracking. (I know this because I researched the topic when trying to create an infographic in order to highlight the pro’s and con’s of the subject).

    Hopefully, the infographic that we put together is what you’ve been looking for. We’ve made it totally unbiased.



  5. Thanks Alex – but I’m afraid not really – the link is kind of a pastiche of the confused jumble of information that’s out there already (sorry).

    It’s looks at the issues on both sides – I’ll grant that – but it’s still not scientifically revealing enough. To take just a couple of points.


    Trucks running on fracked gas. What’s happened to proper hydrogen fuel-cell development? Even the eccentric James May on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ & ‘Man Lab’ gave this technology the full thumbs up. That’s sustainable, exceptionally green and doesn’t need fracking. Then there are the sustainable electric inventions that were gaining momentum – 21st Century battery technology?


    BP giving fracking an endorsement. In the words of Mandy Rice-Davies….
    Boris Johnson. What does the ex-editor of a magazine know about the detailed sophisticated ecological effect of putting remote shale gas extraction methodologies to play in densely populated areas? Is one scheduled for the Thames next door to the mayor’s office? Will it behave just as it did in the North Sea? Should we try it?

    It may be that an unquantified number of fracking wells – in unspecified areas, may have unknown benefits to humanity that outweigh the current hubris being kicked up by the protest movement (and whoever may be behind them).

    Trouble is Alex – I’m still none the wiser..


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