Your questions for CEO Dr Trevor Nicholls

In my virtual wandering, looking for CEOs to inspire local business people & our youth of today, I came across this chap, Dr Trevor Nicholls, CEO of CAB International… what question would you ask him?

He’s not committed to respond, simply me trying a new approach, I’ll be sending him a link as I did our local MP and hopefully he will engage with your questions… obviously only if they are interesting enough!

Please visit the website of CAB International & their CABI in Review 2012 so you can position your question…

He comes across to me as a good man in the video… well, he went to school in Newcastle & studied biochemistry at York… I was the other way around, schooled in Leeds, I went to Newcastle Poly… obviously my direction wasn’t as clear so Business Studies was the escape from home choice 😉

I have been very inspired by my finds today… there are many companies doing great work to help others and I intend for The Berkshire Blog to feature many of the leaders of these companies so as to give the rest of us hope… for a better tomorrow… OK, didn’t need that last bit but you get the gist of the idea…

My question for Dr Nicholls is were you clear about the path you would walk as an 18 year old going off to York to study biochemistry… or has your career been a little more random?

What would your question be? Ask below…

Make those questions good people and Dr Nicholls will want to join in… make them too long winded and he’ll probably turn a blind eye in anticipation of the follow up question OMG! Keep them short and to the point so he can answer similarly and we can all enjoy the process… thank you.

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