bt davey meets golaith

When Davey met Goliath (BT), they both walked away winners

Artwork supplied by Mark @ on Yorkshire Day

I like to live in a world of fair play and balancing the books, sharing responsibility for mistakes & drinking half the bottle of champagne when there is cause for celebration… better still, a bottle of Veuve each!

Small businesses have to be flexible in their approach to business, it’s part of the job description.

On the other hand, the world of corporate is one of rules… a + b = c, with no room for emotions or personality to break through. Certainly no straying from the hard worn path and never, never give anything to the other party unless it is clear from the rules that the system has a bug in it. Clear the bug out, bolt down the hatches, redefine the lines and stand by them.

This is perfect when you are at war with an adversary but when you are providing a service to others, there needs to be much more humanity about it… or your organisation will ultimately die a long, slow but quick death in the fullness of time… as soon as a better alternative comes along, because you have destroyed any loyalty that there might have been long ago, the decision to move is an easy one.

Last week I found someone in a corporate organisation, working in a senior role, who had not lost that sense of fair play and agreed to my request that we share the blame… hurrah for Miranda who is helping Warren Buckley, Managing Director, Customer Service, BT in his quest for perfect customer service…

Brief synopsise…

My wife noticed our phone bill was much higher than she anticipated… I phoned BT and was being advised there was nothing that could be done, we should have upgraded to the “all you can eat” package but had not done so… it was my problem.

I mentioned my problem in a discussion on LinkedIn and Mark Longbottom, who runs the Let’s Talk Here LinkedIn Group, suggested tweeting @BTCare & @wazzer_bt … I’d met Warren at a networking event in London last year, he gave a very enthusiastic presentation and we shared some banter, connecting on LinkedIn shortly after.

Mark followed this mention on LinkedIn with a tweet to my @windsordaily and before I’d had chance to make a cup of Yorkshire Tea, Warren had responded asking how he could help…

I followed up with an email the following morning and Miranda called me 2x before lunch. I was busy that afternoon and so followed up the following morning and by having a clear, frank discussion we agreed neither had been perfect and so both should share the downside.

We both WIN the day and I will continue to sing the praises of BT when & as required.

Thank you Miranda, thank you Warren and thank you Mark for ensuring fair play in 2013… hip, hip, hurray…

And the band played on…


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