Absolutely Awesome August Summer Special

Absolutely Awesome August Summer Special

This season’s “Absolutely Awesome August Summer Special” is the opportunity to have half a day’s telemarketing thrown in with The Berkshire Blog VIP Membership…

VIP Membership is just £247 per month for which we will promote your organisation through our various online channels to those local business decision makers tuned in via our blog, email newsletter, twitter & LinkedIn Group. Simply forward your news & events and we’ll give you visibility… helping to get the conversations started around topics important to you and yours.

This is great for larger organisations looking not to be forgotten… we are happy to work with your marketing & PR agencies to get your news & events out.

Smaller organisations need more “bang for their buck”… we’re on tap to office advice, only a phone call away… we’re happy to make story suggestions… we’ll drive attendance to your events… make contact with those who show an interest in what you have to offer… given nagging rights, we’ll make sure you help us to help you… getting folk talking about you so you shine more brightly tomorrow than you do today…

AND for orders placed in August we bring you our Absolutely Awesome August Summer Special for small businesses… we’ll provide half a day’s focussed telemarketing each month within the price… now that sounds like an offer you shouldn’t refuse 😉

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

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