What’s been your favourite company car?

CEOs engaging through social media channels can have a direct impact on the share value of a company… and since I would like Berkshire companies to do better than the rest so they can employ more people, I have come up with a way for Berkshire’s CEOs to get started on this journey…

The 2013 CEO.com Social CEO Report shows that in the good old USA, where all great things get started, just over 5% of their Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter, over 50% up on last year, with a massive 28% on LinkedIn… the figure for Facebook has gone down, possibly why Sheryl Sandberg COO at Facebook has been selling her stock!

Twitter is great for CEOs who like to keep things brief… while LinkedIn enables much stronger engagement and is a great place for head hunters looking out for that perfect CEO for that new company that is set to fly high and set the world alight…

The Berkshire Blog is looking to engage with, talk to CEOs and others in senior management to celebrate the great things they are doing in Berkshire… some of you might see CEO as a little pompus… great leaders is what we are after, is that you?

People hate being pitched to and many of the CEOs will have grown up in a time when information is power and must be kept close… also spelling things wrong was a mortal sin, punishable by black spots being deposited on your soul! And for goodness sake “DO NOT TOUCH!” you were not allowed to touch new things in case you broke them… all limiting factors that will naturally ensure that any CEO wanting to remain so will certainly not step forward and put his neck on an unnecessary block.

Not good enough people… if our kids & grand kids are going to have gainful employment in Berkshire then we need to be bigging up our successes and that requires YOU, if you command the title CEO to step forward and be counted…

So you’ve never sent a Tweet and you got the blame for breaking your brother’s bike when you were a child, LinkedIn appears to be relevant but feels daunting? Don’t worry about that at the moment… let’s take some small steps…

my favourite audiCan you tell us a story about your favourite company car? How challenging is that? Not very… we want to hear your story… you can either scribble it yourself or we can capture it and share your story with the world… just call me, Jon Davey, to discuss 07717 820823.

My favourite was this Audi convertible I bought a few year’s back when we had a good year… loved how it would accelerate & didn’t need a crash helmet, I also had a bike… lucky me! Sold the bike to create more space and keep the mrs happy… 2 months later blew the engine on the Audi!

Check out one of Klaus’ other rollers… the chap in the video above…

We’ll feature your stories in The Berkshire Blog and other CEOs will read your story and be motivated to share theirs… now that sounds like fun and a great way to get you all engaging more online… very simple process for you and nothing to loose… so who’s going to be first?

Those that join in will become part of something new… the end goal is education, feeling more comfortable with social, making new CEO peer connections for you and for me to make a few quid out of half a dozen sponsors so I can replace my long lost toys… every body happy 😉

Please complete the form below or call / text me on 07717 820823 to discuss how you can get involved…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

If you are feeling brave, add a comment below…

3 thoughts on “What’s been your favourite company car?

  1. Hmm – hard one. I’ve had all sorts of cars – some practical (Audi tank I did so many miles in as a UK MD of a company the garage jokingly asked if I slept in it), some fast (a nice little beamer when I worked in London), some downright dangerous (a renault 21 turbo that went so fast – you’d have had to wonder if it shed bits of itself under hard acceleration to go that bit faster…hang on, it did shed bits of itself under hard acceleration..), some comfortable (a Saab 9000 that is the ONLY car I could ever sit in for 10 hours at a stretch driving through France and felt totally fresh getting out), and a raft of other 4 door, 4 cylinder utterly forgettable a-b wagons.

    When I got past 40 – I suddenly realised how pointless the relentless pursuit of all shiny new tin was in many ways – and started getting more interested in other things. Now – we have the perfect fleet. One old 4×4 to tow plant for the business. One zany old 2 seater that makes little children and old ladies smile (and is just as fast as most of the other chumps stuck on the M4) and one old uber-reliable German diesel tank that we’ve ‘nearly’ replaced countless times – until our most trusted garage told us we’d be insane to part with it – as we’d never get another as good (and he really ought not to be telling us that – as he’s losing business when you think about it).

    I’m actually more excited about getting a bicycle these days (sad I know) – but it would boost my business green credentials (not to mention getting less gyp about my paunch)..


  2. It was either that lime green Fiat 127 from Lord Heseltine…


    …or the Audi 100CS “snow goose” which I earned (and trashed) all by myself (plus 2 co-directors, but they only wrote words, I earned all the money, so what cud they have known?).

    Current (£900) PT Cruiser (Petey, creatively), needs new back disk brakes, which is breaking me (financially), so too hard to judge just now. He got Jeanne & I to Cork Street and back this morning though, and was impressively calm in the normal bus-taxi-bikes life-lottery that passes for London driving.

    Love and debt-free (money) lives to all – Adam’s on his way to buy me some beer, so gotta “brmm” 😉


  3. Ahh. Tough choice between two of many high mileage company cars I have loved and lost over the years. Two good cars, which did survive my abuse were a 52 reg Mercedes C Class and a very understated V reg Vauxhall Omega CDX. The luxurious Omega was a hidden gem and really an Opel with a British badge.

    The very worst had to be a 1975 Hillman Avenger 1.3 estate, that died and needed a new engine at 40K and was written off at 8 months old and 45K. I also had a Maestro once (enough said). Oh happy days of youth!

    Now running a sedate and very reliable Audi A6.


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