Invitations to connect on LinkedIn

Careful who you accept invitations to connect on LinkedIn from…

I’m getting more and more invitations to connect every day… and many of them are from false accounts, set up by opportunists looking to fleece the lining of others just like you & me.

If you receive an invitation to connect spend 30 seconds making sure the person you are connecting with has a real profile… just read the page… if it reads like someone real has written it then the chances are it is real.

If it’s just 3 lines then the chances are it is a fake account, set up by those with no real appreciation of LinkedIn and simply attracted to it to make money by making connections… either ignore or report as spam and get on with your day.

Don’t panic… if in doubt just hit ignore, you’re not offending anyone, just clearing your desk of unwanted attention.

4 thoughts on “Invitations to connect on LinkedIn

  1. Utterly agree, Jon. And I only connect with people I’ve met or have a direct benefit with my business. So if I’m not sure, I always ask where we have met.


  2. Same Anrah, I don’t mind if we haven’t met… business has to start somewhere and “hello, can we connect” on LinkedIn works for me… but they need to be real people who have put some effort into their own unique profile.


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