mind the career gap

Mind the Career Gap by Daniel Walker

Local careers adviser Daniel Walker has added author to his own skills by writing and releasing a careers book with a difference. Mind the Career Gap is an eBook that shows how a little work and planning can transform a career gap on your CV into a selling point.

As a careers adviser Daniel has always tried to test as many courses as possible. “I think the best way to understand something is to try it yourself. I did this with every section of my book. I have even tested the system on my close friends”. Over the last 3 years he has taken Italian AS Level, started a small business, qualified as a teacher and as a bus driver, learnt motorcycle maintenance and studied with the Open University. In order to finish this book Daniel also completed countless free courses on the internet. “I think it is important that I put myself in exactly the same position as my readers. “ It is my job to ask people to take risks and work hard; I think it is important that I do the same”

For his first book Daniel has focused on the career gap. “Unwanted career gaps can be terrible things, every year I see people who let a small career gap turn in to a chasm” “In my job I am always helping people to cover their CV gaps up but in reality nobody needs to have a career gap. My book tries to show how with a little planning and good advice anyone can turn a career gap in to a productive and positive experience. I also wanted to show people that there a lot of hidden opportunities out there as long as you are willing to plan your week and take a chance”. Mind the Career Gap is available for download from Amazon, iBook’s and Lulu at the special introductory price of £2.00.

daniel walkerDaniel Walker
07907 582898
T: @MindCareerGap
w: www.mindthecareergap.com

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