A business plan

I write brilliant business plans…

Can you say “I write brilliant business plans…” with all sincerity? If you can then you need to enter this easy peasy competition…

The prize will be the transfer of ownership of the domain name “abusinessplan.co.uk” to your preferred web services provider.

For clarity, this is aimed at consultants, ex bank managers, etc and others who can write business plans for other mere mortals… I don’t want you sharing an actual business plan!

I was reminded I own it when I was re-pointing my berkshire247.com domain and figured a great way to use it to promote myself would be to give it away… do you want it?

Can you say “I write brilliant business plans…” with all sincerity?

3 steps & 3 days to get it sorted… entries in by Sunday evening 25th August…

Say in 140 words or less say why you can write brilliant business plans and post the words right here, as a comment on The Berkshire Blog…

Tell others to go to www.abusinessplan.co.uk it will point here shortly…

Take those very same words and post them as a thread on the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group discussion which can be found here… http://lnkd.in/s7K4rt

Sit back and let the people decide… I’ll say how we’ll vote in 3 days…

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
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One thought on “I write brilliant business plans…

  1. The process I use to work with clients on their business plan is simple and engaging.
    1) Get the key data together on performance to date (if any) & analyse strengths & weaknesses
    2) Get top team together to envision the future & establish goals – long- & short-term
    3) With the team, use the MAPP planning tool to generate the business plan
    4) Upload the MAPP plan into the online tool & get the leaders to add the plan action details – what, who, by when
    5) Support the top team in implementing that plan & achieving their goals – adapting as needed with changing circumstances.
    All on time & under budget!


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