free bottle cooler with apron

Something for the weekend ? ;)

In the good old days, a bloke could go to the barbers and he’d ask “Something for the weekend Sir?” and all around would giggle…

Today life is a little more complicated… first a bloke needs to go & do the shopping, bring it home, put it on the barbie and you’d better ensure her wine is on ice or you’ll not need the barber’s help!

All this while your beers getting warm… arghhhh!

But its OK gueezer, Keith has come to the rescue… buy one of his apron’s and he’ll send you a bonus free gift of a bottle cooler… happy days!

Go have a wander around The Cooks Friend Company and let us know what you bought below, how the service was for you and obviously how you got on doing the washing up… did the apron keep you nice a dry 😉

Thank you.


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