london busker cone

#HIGH5ING Tarantino on Smiling & Dialling

Hanging with Django while the rain comes down on Reading Fest… thinking how to tell the story of cold calling Tarantino style… “HIGH5ING” makes for a great title… let’s roll with it… obviously remembering my mum might be reading… language Timothy!

Why you gunna give some mother chuffer the time of day when they try giving you a “HIGH 5”? What have they done to deserve any morsel of consideration? Who do they think they are? Ring, ring… keep rolling sucker…

So you’re like scratching your head wondering how to engage with more potential customers to share your greatness, people need to know, they so deserve to! Nothing seems to come through… 20 minutes in and you’re thinking how, hoW, HOW and the phone rings… ring, ring…

Is your reaction?

A – “Hold all calls, I’m trying to think!”

B – “I wonder who it is? What experience might they have? Could they offer or trigger some fresh ideas?”

C – “Kill the mother chuffer Bill, what you waiting for, slice the Edam & mince the sucker, prepare me a Royale with Cheese!”

There’s a lot of anger around… we need to take some simple self medication…

I was walking in the Park the other day, saw some litter left by some oik… two weeks ago my reaction would have been, “ ‘kin ‘ankers leaving their sh*t, no respek!” TODAY I pick up the litter and place it in the bin near the gate, it just works so much better on so many levels…

So if YOU are looking for help, why would you close any doors, especially those not open yet?

Obviously if you have your proverbial together and don’t need any help from others, the chances are you’re reading this from your mortgage free villa in your favourite place in the world, just contemplating which bottle of fizz to crack open from your extensive cellar while having a quick peek into the world of those poor unfortunates who have to keep peddling…

If you’re not sipping Veuve for lunch then wake up mother chuffer and answer the blinking phone next time it rings… get #HIGH5ING, it could be your destiny on the other end of the blower… then again it could be some other mother chuffer, just like you, trying to pay their way in this world… but you ain’t gunna know unless you pick up the mother chuffing phone…

Think on next time the phone rings… take a breath and know that’s something’s gunna change… #HIGH5ING… I can feel a song coming on 😉

Obviously I gave him a quid after… loved the way he just grabbed the cone and cracked on!

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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