Why worry about saving time when you can bend it?

I first met Tom Evans when he did a talk for Christine Clacey at a corporate venue in Bracknell… his presentation on light bulb moments captivated his audience…

Tom passed his maths “O” Level a year earlier than most and went on to be an engineer… it is fair to assume that most engineers don’t just “sort of” like to know, they “NEED” to understand and prove to themselves that things work a certain way before they share their thoughts with the world.

Many of you may think him and his ideas little bonkers… if you are open to new ways of thinking then keep on reading and go and explore the magic of his website…

Tom is an author, ideas generator and wizard of light bulb moments. He is a master of the arts of Whole Brain and Whole Mind Thinking – they are very different.

He specialises in making the esoteric into the exoteric and has been called, by others, a modern day mystic, seer and healer. Using a set of elegant techniques, he teaches both how to tap into an unlimited flow of inspiration and how to make ideas actually come to fruition.

Let Tom brighten up your future…

Thank you.


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