Business Continuity makes it for manufacturing

Whether the product is food, children’s toys or an Airbus A380, stringent controls are embodied to ensure consistent product quality and traceability. It takes just minor failure to bring serious consequences.

gareth crompton blocksA well-known chocolate manufacturer once had a case of salmonella contaminating product and reaching customers. The product was quickly recalled but not without bad publicity ensuing. Would you be happy to climb aboard a Boeing Dreamliner right now? Recent mechanical failures may leave one doubting personal safety. Give me an Airbus any day.

Quality and dependability are key factors that savvy purchasers are thinking of. What makes your products and company a better option than your competitors? We hear so much about resilience of supply chain and continuity of quality product as the key differentiator. Major retail outlets and direct customers want more than a product that just looks good; they need a supplier who will be there longer than the guarantee period, delivering a reliable flow of products and replacement parts. As a manufacturer it is your duty to deliver quality products consistently, no matter what disruption may occur. This is where professional business continuity planning matters. A well designed continuity system involves every stage of manufacture, highlighting points of risk to continuous production. Business continuity implementation is neither onerous nor expensive and brings significant benefits to your production process and reputation. Do you want to be the preferred supplier of dependable goods or just another manufacturer, no better than the rest?

Abide Consulting has been helping helping large and small companies across UK, Europe and Asia. Professional solutions are completely flexible, as are the pricing options. Abide’s Principal Consultant has been in the profession for over 20 years and is a certified Lead Auditor for ISO 22301, the global standard for quality in Business Continuity planning and implementation.

It’s just good business sense…

Give me a call, or complete the form below, I’ll ask a couple of questions and offer some thoughts, we can then decide the next steps.

With kind regards – Gareth

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