Actions speak way louder than words…

A local marketing agency submitted a post yesterday to announce they had been short listed for a social media award… the first and last time they submitted a post it was for an award they had won a couple of months ago…

I let that one through and said well done… allowing mention of a nomination for social media when they haven’t even bothered to comment on the discussions of others in the BinB Group shows a distinct lack of social talent and pure marketing / PR spin mentality.


I’m increasing delving into the world of newspapers & publishing media with the solution, I’m “spreading the love” and so have registered for a couple of newspaper groups on LinkedIn. Much of the conversation is around adverts, banners, etc… these work in hard copy papers but they are simply annoying on the web and with the advent of technology which will block ads before they hit the network, speeding it up, making it an easy purchase for IT Managers… ultimately having a huge impact on ad revenues?


Technology brings changes and you have to be open to those changes or get left behind, however powerful you think your organisation is today it could be gone in a blink… I’m sure T-Rex figured he had it sorted!


I’ve been enjoying the BBC3 fly-on-the-wall documentary about a call centre. Nev Wilshire is the boss and one of his catch phrases is “Some will, some won’t, so what? Next…”

Telesales can be very hard work, especially the work they get paid by the government to fulfil. Keeping staff motivated is key, if they are “smiling & dialling” then sales will happen. So rather than pretend it’s all so easy, he has a reality check “Some will, some won’t, so what? Next…”


The Berkshire Blog is 2 months old tomorrow and we will be keeping it very real… we can’t work miracles and force people to spend their money on whatever it is you have to offer, we can simply present you honestly to our readers and the sharper that reality becomes the more folk will return to read future stories & articles…

August has seen more visitors than July, we started in July and August is a holiday month… I anticipate over 3,000 visitors in September with over 15,000 people having the ability to view our blog posts through our social media channels.

Go check out what our VIP Membership gives you…

Thank you.


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