Relief from Pain Testimonial

Robert is an artist whose work has been admired by many, including David Attenborough! He explains why he enjoyed a healing session with Ann Boone MBA

  • One in seven of us suffers from chronic pain
  • £500 Million plus is spent every year on over-the-counter painkillers
  • 10 million is the number of people in the UK who suffer from pain almost every day?
  • 40% is the number of people who feel their pain is not adequately managed

About Healing
All living beings have the ability to achieve a perfect state of balance in mind, body and spirit. Healing is a natural process to help you achieve that balance. Healing can also be described as a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient that deals with the “dis-ease” at its deepest level, and helps frees the natural resources to work in the most effective way for you.

Healing is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy. Gentle touch assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Healing works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal. It is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard medical care.

The purpose of spiritual healing is to enhance and empower you in finding that point of balance. The healer acts as a channel for healing energies and can help you to restore balance to your life, Spiritual healing may be carried out on people suffering from stress, illness, chronic pain or injury as a complementary therapy to mainstream medical treatment without any side effects.


  • Reduces stress
  • Calms anxiety and depression
  • Decreases pain
  • Eases acute and chronic conditions
  • Speeds up recovery from surgery
  • Strengths the immune system
  • Supports cancer care
  • Eases neck and back problems
  • Creates a sense of well-being

Healing can be helpful with a wide range of conditions, sometimes with remarkable outcomes. It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release, which helps your body to adjust and heal spontaneously at its own pace and in its own way. Healing seeks out the underlying cause as well as the “presenting symptom”. This can mean that the outcome of a healing session maybe beneficial in an unexpected way and not necessarily immediately: for example you may feel a sudden benefit days later or gradual improvement over a period of time. There may be times when you experience some kind of emotional release as part of the healing process. Sometimes the process is obvious, sometimes more subtle.

Healing research suggests that there are many benefits. Individual experiences will vary. Healing does not replace medical care or supervision. We work with the medical establishment with complementary care.

We strongly recommend you always seek medical advice or contact your GP when symptoms persist.

Ann is a dynamic, action-centered lady who can coordinate many projects well. She is both caring and shows empathy with people. I previously shared in Meditation groups (outside our working environments) with Ann while engaged in personal development projects. I recommend you consult with Ann for relief from pain and accept holistic methods into your belief system.
Carol Reid

During my work with Ann I have witnessed that a number of people have experienced relief from their pain, suffering and sickness with, in some cases, extraordinary results. In cases of chronic pain and suffering I would highly recommend contacting the charity for help and healing.
Lynn Darnton
Computer Software Professional

Ann is exceptional. She has truly rare talents particularly related to her activities relating to relief from pain. She is extremely empathetic, a tremendous lateral thinker, determined yet has enormas consideration, extremely intelligent and cultured. I would highly recommend her particularly if you are looking to use her to assist your staff or yourself in the more difficult aspects of life.
Tracy hutchinson
Director EMEA at Brightcove

Ann BooneAnn Boone, MBA
Founder & Trustee, Relief from Pain Charity
Business Development, InterSystems

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