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Is the High Street Hiring?

The news has been filled with talk of economic recovery this week.  So as an experiment  I took a walk along Windsor High street to look for some signs of recovery.

Our High Streets have been depressing places over the last few years.  Who can forget the giants that have fallen during this recession? To my surprise however I did quickly see signs of a comeback.

On a brisk lunch time stroll I found over twenty shops advertising full and part time positions. This can only be good news for our economy.   It has made me wonder if this trend is being duplicated on High-streets all over Berkshire?

I would be intrigued to know if anyone has spotted a similar upward trend? Time will tell if this is a brief ripple or the first wave of recovery.  I did at least come back from the high street with something I hadn’t treated myself in a long time, optimism!  The jobs I saw are viewable on the link below.

daniel walkerDaniel Walker
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T: @MindCareerGap

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